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A Lesson In Time


Today I found myself visiting a building that I used to work in about ten years ago.  That’s not unusual.  It happens every few months or so.  The building is largely unchanged from when I used to work in it long ago.

At one point I was walking down a hallway I have never had much reason to walk down, then or now.  I passed a conference room and for some bizarre reason my brain decided to have a memory of a meeting I attended there about ten years ago.  It was a departmental meeting and I can quite vividly see in my mind a photograph of that assemblage that day.

Thanks, Brain!  I can’t remember what I had for lunch today, but by some quirk in the way my brain works, I can access a still image of a meeting I attended ten years ago.

I began to muse on what would happen if I could somehow teleport back to that meeting and tell the people in that room a few things.  I pictured myself standing up at the front of the conference room table and saying things like:

  1.  None of you in this room will ever work on a project together again.  You will all drift off to other departments and other programs and other projects, and this unique collection of people will never, ever work together again.
  2. This room, its wall color and carpet and decor, will look exactly like it does now ten years from now.
  3. This project you are all working on at this moment, the one that is keeping you up at night, demanding long hours of you, stressing you out, making you wish you were working on anything but this … this project that seems so important, that seems as if it will make or break careers and the financial health of the company … will largely be forgotten in ten years.  Virtually no one in the company will know what you did here or even care.
  4. A handful of you will be retiring within a few years and the company will move on without you.  You will be forgotten by all but a few people.
  5. At least one of you will not be alive in ten years.
  6. The skills you possess today, the ones that are in high demand and that caused this program to woo you aggressively to get you here, will be hopelessly obsolete in ten years.

And then I will pause and say …

But this is an awesome team.  You will do amazing things.  This moment … this assemblage … is unique in the whole of the universe and of history.  This moment, we are here … together … working for a common goal.  Enjoy this moment, for it cannot be judged from the future.  It’s value lies here, in this moment, with these people, within these walls.   Time will devalue this moment.  The future will depreciate this moment and diminish it.  So enjoy it now.  Do not wait to enjoy it later, for it will have no meaning then.

And then I will return to the future, as I did today, and hope that the lessons I learned during my visit to the past will stay with me here in the present.




I Sprang Forward … Now What?

Spring Forward

No doubt there will be millions upon millions of blog posts today describing the effects of this past weekend’s time change.  We sprang forward, which on the surface of it seems as if we should be better off.  We’re springing forward.  We’re pouncing.  We are aggressively seizing the day.  We’re moving forward at a rapid clip.

And yet, it is just the opposite.  It is actually the clocks that spring forward and leave us poor humans an hour behind, feeling bewildered, somewhat sleepy, and more than a little perturbed.  How dare something come along and rob us of a precious hour’s sleep!

On the other hand, this is probably as close as we’ll ever get to time travel.  For awhile, before we get around to resetting all our clocks, we can move back and forth through time just by going into different rooms in our house.

Hey!  It’s 3:00.   Now it’s 2:00.  Back to 3:00.  Whew!  What a trip!   I am completely wiped out.  I hope I didn’t inadvertently alter the timeline.

[That clever little vignette was brought to you by Burt’s School o’ Writing in beautiful downtown Mesquite, Texas.]

The time change had little effect on me.  I already don’t like getting up early in the morning, so this morning I was every bit as groggy, disoriented, and disheveled as I am every morning, time change or no.

If they really want to come up with something useful, they could invent Month-light Savings Time.  That’s where we set the calendar back a month in order to give us a chance to get caught up on all the stuff we didn’t get done last month.




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