You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Inception Top #1

This past Wednesday I wrote a post about old songs that I grew up listening to, but that I had not heard in a long, long time.  In the case of the second song I provided the link to, I had not heard that song in, easily, 20 years or more.

Well, yesterday, a full day after I had written that post, I was walking around Barnes & Noble, minding my own business.

When … lo!   What was that song  playing over the intercom?

Yes, you are right.  It was Sweet performing “Fox On the Run“.

What are the odds?

You are probably wondering if I ran right out and bought a lottery ticket.

The answer is, “No, I did not.”

Obviously, I had used up all of my plausible improbability (again) in one fell swoop.


    • No, none of us are ever alone when it comes to the little foibles and amazing coincidences and astounding improbabilities that happen to us sometimes. We would probably be shocked at just how often these sorts of things DO occur.

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