Poor Biff’s Almanac — Sunday Morning


It is Sunday morning.  All is quiet except for the bluejays that have taken up positions around the house and are screaming at each other and anything else that moves.

I sometimes wonder what is wrong with bluejays.  They are among the most handsome birds there are.  And yet, they are so obnoxious that no one can stand them to be around them.  They are the only birds I know that will aggressively attack cats, dogs, other birds and people for no particular reason other than we just happen to be within in their sphere of perception.  And they attack you while screaming like a pterodactyl from a 1950s B movie about scientists who somehow get transported back in time to the dinosaur age and are attacked by stop-animation claymation dinosaurs.  I’m pretty sure if Ancestry.com had a database of birds, we could trace the bluejay lineage all the way back to pterodactyls.

But besides the bluejays, all is quiet except for the hum of the refrigerator and the distant sound of a cat hacking up a furball somewhere else in the house.  I am looking around at all the things I need to do.  Things I didn’t get done yesterday because I ran out of time.  I do believe I could spend one full day each week doing nothing but cleaning this house.  Texas air apparently consists of about 90% pollen and dust, with the other 10% consisting mostly of mosquitoes and cat dander.  I need to get one of those robot vacuum cleaners that roams around the house on its own, vacuuming to its little heart’s content.  However, those that I’ve seen look very small and I need one with a bag on it the size of a tanker truck.  Or perhaps one that is smart enough to empty itself.  Besides, I’m pretty sure that the motor would burn out on it in less than a week.

Oh well.  I will enjoy this quiet cup of coffee, listening to the screeching bluejays and the hacking cat while looking at the acres of carpets that need to be vacuumed (again) and all of the flat surfaces that need to be dusted (again), while trying not to think about all the things that need to be fixed, mended, or otherwise patched up to hopefully get another year of life out of them.

I hope you all enjoy a nice quiet Sunday, too!




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