How It Felt Going to the Grocery Store After the Lockdown Ended

Zwaai Naar Jou v001
The governor of Texas recently eased up the lockdown restrictions, saying that it was okay to return to grocery stores and restaurants, as longs as everyone played nice and played by the rules.

He doesn’t know Texans very well.

We are nice to a fault … but play by the rules?  That’s not in our DNA.  We are inherently distrustful of “big gub’mint” and when told not to do something, are liable to act like Yosemite Sam being one-upped by Bugs Bunny.

Yosemite Sam Animated GIF 001

Anyway, what better way to celebrate the reinstatement of the Bill of Rights (and portions of the Magna Carta) than to go do a little grocery shopping?

Oddly enough, I very much dislike grocery shopping.

Actually, it’s not the grocery shopping I dislike, it’s being out in crowds.  However, I was that way BEFORE the lockdown.  I was a man ahead of my time.  I had agoraphobia before it was fashionable.

Anyway, it was nice getting out to the store and to resume some semblance of normalcy.

It was nice seeing that the shelves are no longer empty.

It was nice seeing people NOT panic-buying nonsensical items.

Anyway, the real purpose of this video is not to bore you with an account of my trip to the grocery store today.  No, it is more insidious than that.  It is to slip another ear worm video into your shell-like ear.

I stumbled across the video below last week and thought it very apropos of the current crisis of common sense we seem to be going through.  It was made in a wiser, more innocent time (i.e. 2018).  And seeing it now through the lens of worldwide panic, it is extra comical.

And besides, when I posted some videos last week of my new favorite YouTube group, Alpenzusjes, my readership numbers fell off dramatically (and may have even gone backwards).  So I am going to try once again to get you all as addicted to AlpenZusjes  as I am.  (You can see my other Alpenzusjes post here.)

An Importunate Sequins of Intents

Happy Return-to-Normalcy day!





  1. I was today years old when I realized their name isn’t actually Alpenjesus. And I used to really enjoy grocery shopping because they’re never very crowded where I am, but now it’s such a chore!


  2. Dear Biff

    Hilarious post!

    Love the Dutch – they are, without exception, the friendliest (AND MOST LOCQUACIOUS (quite sure that is correct) people I know! Had a Dutch co-worker who talked to me for an hour about a minor home renovation project i had going on. When the Olympics were here, the Dutch stood out like an orange sore thumb!

    You WERE ahead of your time disliking crowds LOL. Here in Canada, there is about 50% compliance with mask wear. We have never had any restriction on going to the store – social distancing is maintained, we Canadians are a sensible and boring lot. Rule followers to s fault, though we do stuff when we think no one is looking – like silently fart or feed squirrels (now a capital offence).

    It is the banks that have line-ups down the block, peopled by clients who hate online anything (cough, my mother). Grocery stores are managed by security guards at doors who break limbs when necessary should you meander into people’s bubbles.

    I have some ‘cooler’ looking masks to wear – I must look good at all costs. I even say ‘stick em up’ from time to time in an Edward G Robinson voice. (waits for audience applause, not a sausage – remember THAT, from Sellers LOL)

    Have a pleasant week and weekend and all that rot.



  3. Cute video!
    I’ve been away from the house (went to Dr. appt. and to grocery store) only one time in 3 months. Was okay, but I was appalled at how many people were not wearing masks, or keeping a safe distance. I was glad to get home and away from all that.


  4. I have yet to go out for groceries. I’m going to wait and see what happens. Agoraphobia and I are good friends from way back. I’ve always been a bit of a hermit. The women in the video sure make shopping look fun. 😂


    • I wish I knew Dutch, too! Sounds like a fun language and, based on these videos, they seem like a fun-loving people. I envy your free spirit that allows you to dance. I am way too uptight and reserved to dance or sing in public. And, like you, I would never consider doing such things in a grocery store!

      And you are wrong about not being photogenic. You are! It is just that we are always our own worst critic. We all just need to lighten up and give ourselves a break.

      Here’s to more dancing in grocery stores!

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    • Hi Lorne! Theoretically, yes. However, I saw only about a 20% compliance yesterday to the mask rule. On the plus side, people are, for the most part, maintaining 2 meter or great spacing. And a lot of people are still just staying home.


  5. We cannot return to normalcy — it does not exist. I believe it was something made up by your president Calvin Cleavage. What we want is normality. I know, I know, I’m a pedant . . . and loving it.

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    • Hi Noel! Thanks for stopping by.

      I think what people REALLY want is free delivery. However, they will settle for normalcy if normality is out of stock at the moment.

      “Return to Normalcy” was Warren G. Harding’s campaign slogan in the 1920 US presidential election. Surprisingly, his campaign team chose that slogan over the much better “Go Harding, or Go Home” slogan.

      It just goes to show you, “What this country needs is a good 5-cent slogan.” (Vice President Thomas R. Marshall, 1914)


    • They’re singing in Dutch, and I have no idea what they’re saying. I assume they are singing about how happy they are to be grocery shopping. At least, that’s what I choose to believe.

      The only thing I know for sure is that had the title translated and it means: “Wave to you”. So they’re maintaining proper social distancing by just waving to everyone.

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