Terry Kath — One of the Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

Terry Kath

I’m not going to pretend to know much about guitars, guitar playing, or guitar players, but this must certainly be one of the top ten guitar solos of all time.  Be patient … he begins to absolutely tear up his guitar at 2:58 into the video.  At around 4:30 the guitar is begging for mercy.

This is one of those occasions when you look at someone doing something and you realize that they were destined to do that thing.  If it hadn’t been around, they would have invented it.  I don’t know for sure, but I believe he is improvising a good deal of this solo.  It says a lot that Jimi Hendrix (reportedly) said that Kath was his favorite guitarist.

It is a damn shame that he died tragically at the early age of 31.

Guitarist:  Terry Kath

Band:  Chicago

Song:  25 or 6 to 4

Date:  7/21/1970 (Tanglewood)



  1. Somehow I missed this one when it was first posted. I’ve always liked Chicago’s music and respected Kath as a musician. His death however is a prime example of the pitfalls of America;s gun culture. “Look, see, it’s not loaded,” were perhaps fitting last words as he put the gun to his head.

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    • Yes, his death was definitely a needless and preventable tragedy. And though I don’t know it for a fact, I’m pretty sure there may have been drugs or alcohol involved. Never a good combination.


      • And I forgot to mention, Hendrix’ death was very convenient because he can’t deny the “favorite” label. I first heard it said Phil Keaggy was Hendrix’s fave, and have also heard it was Glenn Schwartz. Only thing I know for sure is that it wasn’t me – Jimi never heard me play.

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