More Unsatisfying Time Travel Tips


Time Machine #1

As eager as I was for Saturday to get here, I have pretty much squandered it so far.

But isn’t that what Saturday’s are for?

Yes, we all have huge dreams of spending Saturday participating in a 10K charity run or building a new addition on the house or converting the garage to a vintage pinball machine museum or ripping up all the grass and building an overhead vineyard on a pergola.

But we all know what we’re really going to do.

We’re going to do those bits of mundanity that we have to do to keep from slipping unawares into squalor.   We’re going to do laundry.  We’re going to vacuum.  We’re going to dust.  We’re going to go put gas in the car.  We’re going to go shop for another week’s worth of groceries.  We’re going to do just enough yardwork to keep from getting a citation from the city.

And then, in the hairline cracks between those Lego blocks of our lives, we’re going to attempt to write a little or shuffle a few things around our personal spaces (something we laughably call reorganizing) or sit and stare at some hobby and realize the one thing we need to move forward on it is still on the shelf at Hobby Lobby and probably costs more than we really want to spend on it.

Then, suddenly, it is dark outside and we’re like …. Wait!  What?  Wasn’t it just daylight outside?   Who turned out the lights?

Well, as long as it’s dark, I may just as well put on my pajamas and make some coffee.  Oh, look!  Here’s a music video from my youth I haven’t seen in 30 years.  Man!  Get a load of the hair on those guys!  Ha ha!    Oh .. look!  Here’s a video on how to make a weather station out of recycled milk jugs.  Wait … is that the actor from that show I used to watch when I was in college?  I need to IMDb that guy.

What?  How did it get to be midnight?  I just woke up, for Pete’s sake!

I want my money back!


  1. Biff, you and I need to be more spontaneous when it comes to weekends! Go do something out of character. Spend time with family doing a ‘bucket list’ event. Of course, if you are like me, you then start thinking about the gas in the car, washing it, groceries and all the things you SHOULD be doing other than having “FUN”… LOL

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    • I agree, NotDonner! I have been telling myself my entire adult life that I need to be more spontaneous. Unfortunately, I just don’t think it is in my DNA to be that way. But I’ll try to be more spontaneous in the future. Maybe we can encourage each other. I need to stop overthinking and overplanning things.

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