Something To Smile About — Alpenzusjes

Alpenzusjes 001

I’m not exactly sure what cosmic forces led me to a video by Alpenzusjes (Alpine Sisters) on YouTube, but I know my life will never be the same again.  Be prepared for Chantal van Geelen and Apolonia Gort (later, Kirsten Stroek) to oom-pah their way right into your heart.

I defy you … yes, openly defy you … to watch this video without smiling.

And not just an ordinary smile, mind you, but a head nodding, foot tapping, hand clapping smile.

Furthermore, if you do not wake up in the morning with “Hoemparapapa” oom-pah’ing in your head as you march off to the kitchen for a liter of Dutch beer, then I will eat my hat, or rather, my hoed.  And if you find yourself yodeling at work, do not blame me.

Now, to paraphrase Davy Crockett, “You may all go to heck, and I will go to Holland.”



Special bonus video!

(Don’t blame me, I just work here.  Management not responsible for incurable ear worms.)


And check out their website:




  1. I love these gals. They are the reason my respect for KLM airlines went up. I actually flew it and loved it, though now I understand they are actually owned by Air France.

    There is a new video out that is so fun I watch it first thing in the morning. I think my neighbors may think I have kids, since it sounds like a kid’s song. Daar Komt De Boemeltrein


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  3. When I was a child we used to spend a month over summer in the mountains and we were all wearing those traditional dresses….just not with our boobs sticking out and fir the daily walk traditional Tyrol pants with peculiar and red sock with side ponpons😱

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    • Sounds fun! I’m glad you weren’t going around with breasts exposed as these gals in their videos. Propriety has great value.


    • You are correct. The blonde in the 2nd video is Kirsten Stroek (2014 to now), and the blonde in the first video is Apolonia Gort (from 2010 to 2014). The brunette (Chantal van Geelen) has been with Alpenzusjes since 2010. Since it’s founding in 1980, Alpenzusjes has undergone several personnel changes. The role of the brunette has been relatively stable, but the role of the blonde seems to have been a revolving door of cheerful, upbeat, effervescent women. I think the videos are a lot of fun and, though the appearance of different women in the same role is a bit disconcerting, I can mostly look beyond it. I prefer Apolonia over Kirsten for some reason (there just seems to be better chemistry between her and Chantal), but both artists are very talented and make very infectious videos.

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    • Yes, two different blonde women.
      The one in the first video is Appolonia Gort. For whatever reason, she was replaced by Kirsten Stroek, who is in the 2nd video.

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