Best of Biff! (May 1-15, 2020)

Best of Biff

Why Am I Doing This to You?


As bloggers, we have all watched our beloved posts sink like stones into the bottomless and murky depths of the WP Reader ocean as thousands of new posts by other authors pop up mere minutes after we post our gem.

How in the world can we ever get our stuff in front of readers’ eyes if they disappear as soon as we post them?

From what I understand from reading various how-to blogs and books, it is considered gauche to delete a post and re-post it as if it were new to make it float back up to the top.  I’m not sure why it is looked down upon, but I’m not the sort to buck generally accepted but by no means ironclad unwritten rules.  Besides, re-posting something deletes the wonderful comments I have gotten from my beloved readers.

So this post is a pathetic and probably ineffectual attempt to get some of my posts from the past 2 weeks dredged out of the muck on the bottom of the WP reader and back up to the surface (however temporarily).

Anyway, after that long-winded explanation, I give you this month’s Best of Biff (BoB).

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We Interrupt This Pandemic For a Word From Our Sponsor

Pan-Wow Meme v1

In which I lash out at all of the disingenuous and self-serving commercials which explain how to survive a pandemic via irresponsible consumerism.

Spring Makes an Appearance in My Back Yard

04 Yellow Flowers 01

A colorful celebration of the appearance of spring in my humble back yard.

Something To Smile About — Alpenzusjes

Alpenzusjes 001

My attempt to not only make you smile, but to give you an incurable earworm.

Thanks, Mom! And My Apologies.

Donna Lewis - Mother 001

My heartfelt thanks to my Mom for being able to survive my childhood with grace and humor.

Biff Rambles On About … Simple Complications, Hope Springs Infernal, and a Hair-Raising Ordeal

Biff Hiking #10-1

My first “rambling” post in a while.  I reminisce about the simpler times way, way back in the mists of time, before the current mass insanity robbed us of our innocence and sense of humor.

So there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed your little trip down the lanes of my memory.

And now that we have walked down this lane together, we can both see how it is in desperate need of a makeover.

The city really should do something about this!










  1. I had only originally missed one, Spring. As I like spring and gardens and your photos ( by strange coincidence we had spring in our garden, but with different flowers ), that was a good catch up.

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    • Hi Janet! I am so happy you stopped by! Isn’t spring extra-beautiful this year? It has been a relatively wet beginning of the year, so the flowers and trees and birds and everything seem to be doing exceptionally well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like your “Garage Sale” illustration. Maybe I’ll do something like that sometime, too. 🙂

    I don’t often reblog posts; I prefer to post the article afresh. Few followers have been with me since 2012 when I started, so I can easily dredge up those earlier articles and touch them up for a whole set of new readers.

    Another reason I don’t reblog much is because back the I had no idea of how to use categories and tags, so everything went into the “Slough of Despond”, aka, Uncategorized. When I repost them now, I do them justice re: C’s and T’s.

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    • Hi Christine! I can’t take credit for the drawing. I can’t draw myself out of a wet paper bag. However, I very much like the idea that my “best of” blogs are sort of like clearing out the garage or attic.

      Ah, yes, the “Slough of Despond” category! (Great phrase!) I know it well. I tried to go back and re-tag some of my earlier posts, but since doing so did not dredge them up from the bottom of the blogging ocean where they lay, I eventually got bored and gave it up as an utterly useless task. And, after re-reading some of them, I decided it was better to let most of them continue moldering at the bottom of the ocean.

      Here’s wishing you continuing success with your blog! And mind your C’s and T’s!

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  3. No it isn’t gauche if you re-write the post and add additional information to it, especially if it’s a tribute biography on someone. It’s a revision. I’ve only done that once because the topic meant so much to me. I hate” re-blogging” an old post because it ruins the entire look of the site, but that’s just me. I think a “best of” page like you’ve done here is a pretty good idea.

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    • I agree. I tried re-blogging once, but it looked hideous, so gave it up. And I’ve tried refreshing old posts and posting them anew, but I’ve found that to be as much or more work than just writing something original.

      Bottom line: I’m pretty lazy when it comes to blogging. 😀


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