Biff’s World — January 25, 2020

Biff's World - 2030-01-25 #1 v2

CEO Biff is a man of action and is all about solutions.

He is not in the least bit dissuaded by solutions that, on the surface, seem impractical.

He is a big picture man, and does not get caught up in details.

CEO Biff is also all about delegation.

When one delegates, one can then indulge in the luxury of impractical actions and the sheer joy of not having to worry about details.

Of course, the downside of being a delegator is that you may not like some of the details that the delegatee works out on your behalf.





  1. On the other hand, the delegator will tell the delegatee to do something in general, impractical terms; the delegatee will do it differently in practical, realistic ways; then the delegator will take all the credit and declare himself a genius for thinking up how to do it.

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  2. Loved the strip—it reminded me of the time one of our colleagues was attacked by a goose that was nesting outside the door of our warehouse. Now we have a cut-out of a fox to keep them away, but driving them outside the city limits is a good idea as well:-)

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