Friday Ebbs and Flows

Friday Dregs 005

Happy Friday, Everyone!

It has been a very good week here in Biffville (Population: wan … and a half).

There’s nothing in particular that made it a very good week.  It just was.

What makes a good workweek is kind of like what makes a good flight:  it just needs to not suck too much.

That’s a pretty low bar by anyone’s standards.

If I can make it from Monday morning to Friday afternoon with a minimum amount of suckage, then it was a good, quality week and I am quite happy about it.

The weekends, on the other hand, I have a bit more control over and so the bar for what makes a good weekend is considerably higher.

A good weekend consists of any weekend in which 4 or 5 things on the following list happens.  If more than 5 of them happens, then that constitutes an excellent weekend and gets an entry in my spiral notebook that I’ve entitled “The Weekend Hall of Fame”.

  • Getting to sleep in a bit on Saturday.  Not too late.  Maybe 8:00 or 8:30.  (Bonus points if I awake to the sound of rain and can just roll over and go back so sleep.)
  • After waking up, getting to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and an Einstein bagel while still in my pajamas
  • Not having to get outside and do yard work
  • Getting the household chores knocked out in a reasonable amount of time
  • Not having to steam clean anything out of the carpet
  • Not having to repair anything in the house or replace something expensive
  • Ditto for the car
  • Running errands without places being too crowded or the traffic being too bad
  • Having a Starbucks at Barnes & Noble while reading a magazine
  • Getting to do some writing without any distractions (this almost never happens)
  • Taking an impromptu nap in my writing chair without getting a crick in my back or neck
  • Continuing to work on all the chocolate I got for Christmas
  • Not having to bail, stanch, or plunge anything


Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend!







  1. Ah pajamas. Can’t say I’ve worn PJs since I was age ten or so, though I can see the appeal of them. I was smart when I wore my PJs, as a kid. I would sometimes put my PJs on OVER my regular clothes (yes, comfort wasn’t the point). This way, come morning, I could strip off my pajamas and PRESTO CHANGO, i was dressed and ready for school (or a fun day dissecting bugs with my friend Bradley). My parents gave me Holy Hell when they caught me doing the PJ thing – tried to scare me by saying I was actually doing HARM to my body wearing so many clothes to bed LOL! Thought you’d get a laugh out of that one, Biff! So, do your PJs have arrows on them like prison garb or cartoon characters?

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    • Hiya, Wilt!

      Hmmm … wearing street clothes under pajamas. I did LOL at first when I read that!
      But now I recognize its true genius! Although nowadays, I am more likely to consider wearing pajamas underneath my work clothes so that I can fantasize that I am home in my comfy chair rather than in the bureaucratic meat-grinder of the corporate world.

      I generally sleep nearly in the buff … but when wandering around the house I wear pajamas to keep from frightening or traumatizing any family members, visitors, or pets that may be nearby.

      As for the pattern, I’ve aquired a large assortment over the years as gifts. Flamingos. Snowmen. Happy faces. Green Bay Packers. Plaid. Polka dots. Buckee’s. Bob’s Burgers. I love ’em all. My only criteria is that they be super-comfy.


  2. Friday is going to end in 13 minutes here. Just Facetimed Las Vegas then have to get up early in the morning to Facetime Australia…. more excitement tomorrow when we have to unroll a mattress we bough at Ikea today, or is that put a mattress together and unroll a coffee table. Then cook a haggis as it’s Burn’s night tomorrow. I’m hoping Robbie will make a guest appearance on my Silly Saturday blog…

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    • Hi Janet! Sounds like you have quite a weekend in store for you. Mine (so far) has been blessedly quiet and uneventful. As for the Ikea mattress, I bought one like that for my daughter when she was in college. I was afraid when I cut the ties on it that it was going to spring open like a steel coil and launch itself through a wall. What really happened was decidedly anticlimactic. It merely slowly unfurled itself. Oh well … it was exciting up until we cut the ties.

      I’ve never tried haggis. I’m not sure I’m that brave. But, if I ever find myself in Scotland, I am definitely going to try it.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    • I’ve been pacing myself so that it will last. By my calculations, I can have a small piece of chocolate nearly every day until April. And by then, Easter will come along and replenish my stock! 😀


  3. Good Friday, big bro! I have worked on shifts for most of my life, and only recently did I get to have all my weekends off. I finally understand the true meaning of TGIF after all these years….

    May your weekend be absolutely blissful! *big hugs*

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    • Hiya, Sis! I’m a little late getting to my comments this week. I’m glad you’re finally getting weekends off. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? TGIF, indeed. I find myself living in a state of constant yearning for the next weekend.

      And thank you for the wishes. So far the weekend has been wonderful. I wish the same for you, Sis! *big hugs back*


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