Whatnot Wednesday: Nothing But (Inter)Net

chicken confused 001

I browsed around the internet for awhile looking for a topic for Whatnot Wednesday, but after hours of diligent and exhaustive research, I came up empty handed.

I’d like to point out that watching 2 hours of “Hee Haw” reruns has absolutely nothing to do with my inability to find something to write about.

I am really starting to wonder if the internet is such a good idea after all.  How many times have we set out to look up something we need to know … like what is the eighth largest city in  Andorra … and ended up watching six hours of videos on how to make a banjo out of used plastic-ware and dental floss?

It happens far more often than I care to admit.

I also have learned that I will never be a star banjo player.

And maybe that’s a good thing.

So … that is the question for today.   Internet:  net positive, or net negative?

Hold on while I Google that.

Oh look!  Videos of sheep riding longboards!


How to Play Whatnot Wednesday

  1. Write a blog post
  2. Use the tag “#WhatnotWednesday” (no space) – Along with any other tags you want to use
  3. Include a link to this post
  4. Post your post
  5. Leave a comment below with a link to your Whatnot Wednesday post
  6. Have fun
  7. Try not to Google anything until after you’re done




  1. I love those deep internet rabbit holes–makes the day go by much faster and certainly more interesting (she said as she googled “what do you call the sound of a record player needle stopping on a record” — the answer was record scratch, by the way)!

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    • There are an infinite number of ways to waste time. In fact, my primary way of wasting time is to try and sort through all of the ways of wasting time. It is short of the Inception version of wasting time. It’s very meta.

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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve frittered away many an evening just chain-listening to one song after another. I think all music or media sites should have a feature you can set where they just block you after an hour, and you have to wait another 24 hours to log back into them.

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  2. El Pasa de la Casa.

    I didn’t know there were even eight cities in Andorra. And with a population of 2,600 I’m not sure it would qualify – except European rules are different.

    I live in a “city” of 2,000 or so that received its city status due to the castle or the nobility that once lived here. I’m a little hazy on events from 600 years ago. Or maybe it was longer. I must learn the local language so that I can find out.

    Might be easier just to visit Andorra instead – even if it is an 11-hour drive from here.

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    • Hi Lorne! I agree. 2600 over here would only qualify as a “small town”. And perhaps even a “one horse town”. But, like most things in life, it is all relative.

      I envy you living somewhere that is interesting and has a history (and is probably beautiful to boot). Dallas’ history, with a few notable and spectacular exceptions, is only notable for its boring-ness. It is also flat as a pancake and not much to look at.

      If you decide to go to Andorra, take lots of pictures!


  3. I think it’s my one Liner today. I was just looking for funny quotes and spied one in a small box on the side. Being after midnight, couldn’t sleep–for some reason it struck me as hilarious.🤷🏼‍♀️


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