Random Meme Wednesday

Okay, Random Meme Wednesday isn’t a real thing.  I just made it up.  Much like these memes.


Fish For Lunch 001
How much does this cost the company in lost productivity and brain damage?
from:  Michael Cheval – “Gold Fish Rising”


Schedule Slip 001
I’ve prepared a little PowerPoint for you …
From:  The Marx Brothers’ — “Duck Soup”


Zoom Meeting 001a
And in conclusion … I hate you all.
From:  The Marx Brothers’ — “A Night at the Opera”


Telecommuting - Spongebob 004
Could everyone put their phones on mute?  Including the host?



Cat Barf 001
“I would walk 500 miles … and I would walk 500 more … just to be the cat that walked a thousand miles … just barf upon your floor.



Unpaid overtime 001
Well, since you put it like that …


Okay, that’s all I’ve got.

Remember kids:  Meme addiction is no laughing matter.   Donate now.  And maybe someday we can all live in a world free from memes.


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