Another Hot Blog Post


It was another oppressively hot day here in Dallas.

Frankly, I have run out of adjectives to describe how hot it is. “Oppressive” is such a cliche by now. However, we have been reduced to using picked-over adjectives from the clearance bin.

It got up to about 104 today (40 C), depending on where you took the measurement. Obviously, it was cooler indoors … but not by much. The heat index (or more accurately, the Misery Index) was a mere 112 (45 C). If that ain’t miserable, then I don’t know what is.

I think you can see why we have run out of adjectives. At least, adjectives we can use in polite company.

On a day very much like this one about two weeks ago, I got in my car after work and set the radio to play my iPod. Nothing happened. I traced the USB cord into the console and pulled out my iPod. The iPod screen had a message on it that said, “Temperature too hot for normal operation. Please cool off unit and try to connect again.

That was the first time I’d ever seen that particular message.

I suppose that’s just another sign that I live in Texas.

Like driving with oven mitts wasn’t enough of a sign!



  1. People sometimes won’t believe it, but it gets up to 40 Celsius with the humidity in Canada every once in a while, and I’ve seen that message too. The humidity is the worst thing though! Hope you have lots of air-conditioned places to hang out:-)

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    • Yes, humidity makes a bad matter worse! Add in mosquitoes and you have the perfect recipe for misery.

      As for A/C, we LIVE in it down here. They never turn off. It’s in our cars, our homes, at work, and all the stores. If we didn’t have A/C, I’d move.


  2. I smiled reading your post. I live in the opposite atmosphere. I call where I live ‘Permafrost’! We’ve had THE worse summer ever this year. In BraggCreek, AB. It’s lush and green, but rainy and cloudy and…cool and sometimes? You need a heavy winter jacket in mid August! I love summer. I hate ‘cold wet and cloudy grey skied’ ones…Yours is way too hot. Mine is way too cold and rainy. Strange or what?!…

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    • I agree, Kat. I don’t know which is worse: too much sun, or not enough. Too much leads to misery and heatstroke. Not enough leads to depression and despair. Too bad we can’t instantly teleport back and forth between the two. Then we could just go to wherever we felt like being at the moment.

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  3. I promise when it is 40F and C below (yes they are the same) I will pack up some of that frigidity and send it your way. But only if you give me some of your heat. Believe it or not, it was nearly 100F here a few weeks ago, with massive amounts of humidity. I’ll take that any day over the 40 below scenario. Trade ya?

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  4. I find it difficult to imagine how hot that is, although I go into a steam room at the gym, and that is well nigh intolerable! Mind you, that is a wetter heat than the Big D. I had the opposite problem 2 winters ago. We had a cold snap, in the 20s Fahrenheit. I was on a run, as is my wont, and my phone ceased working after an hour in those temps! Went for a run today and happy to report 72 degrees.

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    • Yep, Dallas is a lot like a steam room, but with a lot fewer naked guys walking around. The humidity can get just as oppressive as the heat here. It’s not unusual to have 100 degree days with 80 or 90% humidity. Those are the days you just feel like crawling into the refrigerator and closing the door. Or walking around naked.

      Of course, I don’t do well in frigid temps either. When the temperature drops down to about the freezing point, I feel as if parts of my body are just going to fall off and shatter.

      Glad your run today was much better!


  5. I’ve gotten that “it’s too hot for me to work” message from my iPad, too. It’s only happened once, because I started taking some precautions with it, but I confess I laughed when I saw it. Actually, it hasn’t been quite as bad this year as in some years past. Those of us who work outdoors have our own “how hot is it?” indicators, and for me, the time to retreat is when my ears fill up with sweat. Thank goodness “they” say we may have rain and cooler temperatures in the foreseeable future. A twenty degree difference between indoors and outdoors is great — unless your thermostat is set on 82.

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    • Hi Linda! I’ve never had my ears fill up with sweat, but I’ve gotten so much sweat in my eyes that the stinging and burning virtually blinded me.

      And the 20-degree differential means that things can get pretty uncomfortable in the house with it is 105 outside. An indoor temp of 85 can feel pretty muggy and moist, but it’s the best the A/C units can do. At that point we break out the fans and drink lots of cold liquids, even indoors.

      Enjoy the rain!


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