Things That Make Me Happy – Africa by Way of Poland

Poland Kids Playing Africa.png

In my many journeys around YouTube, I stumble across all sorts of things.  Some are meh.  Some are curious.  Some are disturbing.  Some make me laugh.  Some amaze me.  Some astound me.

And then there are those things that just make me smile and feel good.  They are things that give me hope for the future of humanity.  There are those things that make me want me to clasp someone’s hand and shake it warmly and say, “Thank you so much for this!”

One such thing I found is this delightful rendition of Toto’s “Africa” by a group of school-aged young men and women in Poland.


They held me rapt all through the video.  It was such a joy to see them enjoying music.  True, some of them were enjoying it more than others.  But the fact remains that they created an absolutely astounding and beautiful music video. David Paich and Jeff Porcaro would be very proud of them, I’m sure.  It proves once and for all that music truly is the universal language of the universe.

All of these young men and women are all quite accomplished musicians for their age (and some even beyond their age).   I do hope they continued on with their music (the video was posted in 2016).

Please drop by and show them some love!







    • There is so much amazing music out there in the world. I am so thankful for YouTube, otherwise I’d never hear some of this stuff! And you’re right, the Koreans and Japanese have elevated the music video to an art form. We Americans seem to have abandoned the music video as an artful form of expression. Our videos are, with some exceptions, relatively unimaginative and seemingly created just to push sales and stream numbers.

      I’ll keep looking for cool videos and passing them along!


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