My Favorite Holiday Quotes From Fellow Bloggers, Volume 1


While reading holiday posts from other fellow bloggers, I had the brilliant idea to capture some of my favorite quotes from some of the posts I’ve read.  Below are the ones I have so far.  I’ll add to it as I read more posts.

Be sure to visit their awesome blogs!

mailbox & Presents

“You have to be in good shape to hit the mall, though, because the mall hits back.”

“Reindeer Games” at Charron’s Chatter

“My house basically looks like Ghost of Christmas past, present and future came in and threw up in here.”

“Holiday Help” at Carbie Courtney

“I promise to behave myself this year and not to take anything out of another person’s basket – unless, of course, they got the last good item and I have to.”

“Dear Santa” at Humor Columnist Blog

“Hook’s Drug Store! Hook’s Drug Store! Hook’s Drug Store! They say power comes in three’s.”

“The Xmas Gifts That Almost Weren’t!” at Sparkyjen

“And nobody’s smiling. Why is no one smiling? It’s Christmas, you jerks. It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year and yet all these people out here acting like feral animals.”

[bonus quote]  “You’re like an emo Krampus.”

“Stop. You’re missing Christmas.” at Chick Writes Stuff

“… I was expecting to see a mob of surfing Santa’s in Byron but alas that has not happened.”

“That’s Festive…” at Element’s I Love…

“I pronounce it care eh mel and the say carmel. It’s an age old argument.”

“Daily Prompt: Bliss” at The Bag Lady


“I used big brown boxes as a kid. We put on shows, made a backyard fair, flattened them into stupidly fast ways to slide down wet grass in the spring, and generally used them as canvases on which we drew our childhoods.”

“Big Brown Box” at Trimbathcreative’s Blog

“Icy rain can be quite beautiful… Don’t worry, the broken leg was totally worth it!”

“after-eight-moments-151” at Cyranny’s cove









  1. I am a bit behind, and I appologize for that… I hadn’t noticed you had linked me into this post, and it is quite an honor to have made the list!

    I’ll make sure to visit the other bloggers you’ve mentionned too!

    *Big hugs from Freezingland* (and let me tell you, it’s living up to its name lately!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • No need to apologize … the holidays have taken up a lot of everyone’s time. Thank you for visiting and catching up on my humble blog posts. That means a lot to me.

      Stay warm up there the Freezingland!

      *Big hugs back*

      Liked by 1 person

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