I Have Writ the Enemy, and I Am Spam

This post is for all of you out there who have struggled through a dry spell in writing.

I, too, have been having trouble getting back into the habit of blogging regularly.

I have tried to humorously blame it on the new and execrable block editor that WP foisted upon us, but that is just a small portion of the problem.  The block editor thing is more like chronic back pain or maybe recurring boils.  Sure, it is annoying and sometimes painful, but mere boils or fused disks shouldn’t stop us from pursuing the things we love doing.

If Bethany Hamilton can continue to be a champion surfer even after a shark bit her left arm off, I think I can muddle through with WP’s odious new editor.  For, just like the shark did not care how Bethany felt about her surfing, neither does WP care about how us writers feel about our writing.

No, as I said, the problem of my inability to write goes much deeper.

I could blame it on the heat here in Dallas.  After all, yesterday the heat index hit 126 degrees Fahrenheit (52.2 C).  Who can write when their keyboard has melted onto your lap and you can’t see the screen for the sweat in your eyes?

But, even if that’s the case, what excuse is that for not writing?    

After all, Sophia Tolstoy copied her husband’s manuscript for “War and Peace”, seven times while editing it.  Seven times!  From beginning to end … at home at night … by candlelight … after everyone had gone to bed.  Furthermore, she only used an inkwell pen.  Wikipedia is a bit vague on how she would have fared if she had had to use WordPress’s new block editor, but that is not really the point.

If Leo Tolstoy could write a novel of staggering proportions using pen and ink, and his hapless wife could copy it seven times with quill and ink under less-than-ideal conditions, then what excuse do I have to not write a short blog post every few days or so?

After much soul-searching, I finally reduced the possibilities to the following three:  

A.  My life is so boring that I have run out of things to write about.  This includes my go-to writing topic, which is to write several hundred words about nothing all.

B.  The era in which my writing would have been popular has long since passed.  I should have been a writer in the 1930s or 1940s.  In other words, my target audience consists primarily of people who died in the 1980s.  Studies have shown that they are not big users of on-line blogging sites.

C.  I am colossally lazy.  The smart money is on this option.  After all, how hard is it to toss together a few hundred words, drizzle them with a light olive oil, and twiddle a pepper grinder over them?  (Serves 8 … on a good day.)  Answer:  it’s not hard at all.  

Or the answer may well be the universally attractive answer:  D.  All of the above.

This is the answer that has been causing sighs of relief for beleaguered grade school test-takers since the beginning of time.  After all, it is all-encompassing, and therefore most likely to the the most correct.

But for some reason, it has not brought me any real sense of relief.



  1. If Leo Tolstoy had been using block editor, War and Peace would have caused a civil war…in his home! I have been trying to reblog a couple of posts, but block editor has confused me completely!
    And All of the above answer works for me too…I hope Dallas is less warm now, and you are able to think in the semi-boiled condition!

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    • Ha ha! I’m sure you’re right, Shaily! I can only imagine what their home life was like. I’m sure it must have been grim. If nothing else, I’m sure they were too busy to ever spend any time together.

      As for the block editor, I don’t know why they had to take something that was so simple to use, and make it so complex and off-putting. But I’m sure they had their reasons. I’d love to know what they are, though.

      Dallas is back to being hot again. The heat index as I write this is 106 F (41 C), with humidity at 50%. Not a pleasant day!

      Thank you for visiting my blog!

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  2. I think for me, working from home exhausts my brain so much that I don’t have much left these days. Now that the new novel is done, I’ve lost my mojo too, but Sears closed down here so I don’t know where to order a new one from.

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  3. I too hate the new block editor! I read that Hunter S Thompson longhand wrote out some of the works of Hemingway in an effort to absorb his prose by osmosis? Maybe that’s what I’ll do – fame and fortune here I come!

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  4. Are you my long lost twin, because what you say about you totally goes for me! I am about to make my own post about not much at all. I plan to eke it out to 200 words (my own arbitrary goal for myself) with pictures of monsters. Please keep at it! I love your posts!

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    • Hi! It’s very possible we are long lost twins, for I enjoy your blog for perhaps the same reason you enjoy mine. We seem to be kindred souls, struggling to keep ourselves motivated, but doing our best. The thing is, we are so critical of our own blogs even while other people are enjoying them immensely. So I will keep visiting your blog because I enjoy it, and I hope I create the kind of blog you enjoy visiting, too. 🙂

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  5. I have written a blog or two about not being able to write my blog. This writer’s block thing keeps me going from time to time. Being extremely inept at almost everything I do, I tend to shy away from offering advice, but I do have some for you on this subject. Write, just write, and keep on writing. It may well be drivel at first (which, quite honestly is all that I ever aspire to anyway) but after a while it will all start to click into place. Meanwhile, eat chocolate and paint cats (yes, I do mean actual cats…)

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    • Hi Deb! I believe that sometimes we need a break from things we love, just like we need breaks from things we don’t like so much. I think if we do the things we love TOO much, then they stop being enjoyable, but just become ordinary. I’ve learned over time that I can’t force myself to write. It’s either there at the surface waiting to burst out, or it’s not there at all. As much as I dislike the days (or weeks) that I don’t write, I just try to accept them and try to remain hopeful that soon I will feel the urge to write again.

      I enjoyed wandering through your blog very much. Keep on keepin’ on! Better days will come.

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  6. I really don’t think that it has anything to do with being lazy or boring….

    We’re all dealing with life changes that can’t help but affect us deeply. Staying at home 24-7 for the past 5 months (FIVE MONTHS, that’s a long time) has certainly reduced my level of creativity. And I consider that we are relatively safe here North of the border.

    Don’t worry too much, dear Big Bro, you have that writing flame in you, and it is not going to go anywhere. I think you just need a little time. And I am confident you’ll keep wowing us in a near future 🙂

    *Big hugs*

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    • Hi Sis! *Big Hugs Back!*

      You’re absolutely right about all of us having to deal with things we’ve never had to deal with before. It does sap one’s energy and depletes the urge to write. I never actually feel unsafe. I just hate not being able to do the ordinary things I used to do. I used to think nothing of going out to a restaurant to eat, or going to wander aimlessly around a bookstore. Now I have to think long and hard about doing those things. And often talk myself out of them. Who would’ve thought we’d ever miss ordinary things?

      Thank you for your encouragement, as always, Sis. You are always so encouraging of my writing and I really appreciate it. I’ll get back up on the writing horse one of these days. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through your amazing writing!

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