Biff Sock Pow

Finding the humor in everyday life.

How to Navigate My Site

At the moment, I have two main categories of posts:

Journal Entries – These, as the name implies, are my posts about life in general or things that interest me or catch my attention.  I generally try to keep these light and humorous and don’t dwell too much on the heavy subjects of life.  There are too many other blogs that do that.

Biff On Books – These entries are my discussions of books.  They generally are reviews of books I have read or descriptions of my book-finding excursions.  For more information, read this blog post.

Biff’s Piffling Fiction – These are just bits and pieces of short fiction that I write mostly to satisfy my urge to write fiction.  For more information, read this blog post.

In the future I plan to add other categories that include music (reviews, reveries) and projects (things I am working on or have worked on in the past.  So stay tuned!


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