Saturday Morning Coffee With Biff

Welcome to Saturday morning coffee with Biff.  Pull up a chair.  Grab a bagel or croissant or English muffin.  There are the jams and marmalade.  Let me pour you a steaming cup of coffee.  The selection of creamers is there in the center of the table.  Here is the honey pot.

Now then …

Isn’t this nice?

The world may be going stark raving mad just beyond that bay window over there, but here at our little table, all is calm and serene.  The flowers are fresh.  The linen tablecloth starched.  The food top-notch.  The music unobtrusive and relaxing.

It is important we have this time once in a while to recharge our batteries.  The sturm und drang are always out there.  Just outside that glass-paned door with the “yes, we’re open” sign on it, is a maelstrom.  It is chaos.  It is noise.

But in here it is calm.  It is serene.  This is a space I have carved out of the cosmos.  It is a defiance of the cosmos.  There is no entropy here.  No chaos.  There is only order.  Beauty.  Refinement.

The little bell above the door jangles to announce others who have come in out of the storm.  There is always plenty of room.  Plenty of cheer.

Perhaps it only exists in our minds, but it does exist. 

It can be our escape.

Our Xanadu.

The world is always out there, ready to sap our strength and break down our will.

But you know what?

This special place is always here as well.

We carry it with us wherever we go.

Let me refill your coffee cup.

Take a deep breath.  There’s nowhere we need go.

And even if there is, we can always come back.



    • I’m so glad to hear that, Janet! I think we all need to learn to just carve some time out of our day to do something we find soothing and relaxing. And it’s even better if we can do those things with friends. Have a wonderful day today!

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