The Essence of Monday

Monday came and went with neither a bang nor a whimper. 

It just sort of drifted by like effluvium from a nearby tire factory on a day with a light breeze.   

We keep expecting it to either blow on by, or to get better, or worse, or change in some way.  But it is just steady on.

Not that that is a bad thing. 

There’s a lot to be said for quiescence.

The word itself is pleasing.  “Quiescence”.

It starts off familiar.  It lulls you into a sense of peace by making you think that it is going to be “quiet”. 

But then it tricks you.  Suddenly it changes into “essence”.

Quiescence, therefore, is the essence of quiet. 

And where you find the essence of quiet, you find peace.


Just don’t get me started on “effluvium”.



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