More Monday Mordant Mundanity

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I have gotten so horribly out of the habit of posting anything on here that I have very nearly forgotten how.

So, this evening I re-read some of my old posts to answer the question … what did I used to write about that was so fascinating?

Turns out:  not much of anything.

As far as I can tell, I had become the premier specialist on writing lots and lots about very little at all.

I suppose that it was inevitable that I would eventually run out of nothing to write about, and that I would then be stuck with the unenviable task of having to write about actual things.  Things that actually happened.  Or things that people care about.

I shudder at the thought.

After all, it was never my goal to change the world with my writings.

No, my intent was to create a world that I could retreat to in order to escape the real world.

And if ever I needed to do that, it is now.



    • Hiya, James! That is good advice. I have inadvertently been taking it my entire life. I have been writing like no one is reading my entire life … mainly because no one has. At least, that was true up until I started this here blog. Then my readership skyrocketed from zero, to approximately ten. But I get an amazing amount of enjoyment from writing for those ten people.

      And don’t underestimate the calorie-burning benefits of writing. I burn up five or six hundred calories a day just from the flop sweat alone. 😀

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    • Hi, Linda! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

      And thank you for your kind words. And, yes, you’re right … I do seem to recall a small little show that featured plots about nothing. It’s name escapes me at the moment. I’m sure no one remembers it hardly at all. Much like your Alistair and Alexis reference! Ha ha!

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  1. Oh… Bi-bi-bibibibibibibibi-bi-bi… Bi! Bi! Big bro! (ha! fooled you there, right??) You clearly underestimate your brilliant writing. I know I know… you’re thinking ”Ok silly little sis, if I am so brilliant, why haven’t you been covering me with ”likes” and awesome comments as of lately??” And you are absolutely right. But where you are wrong, is the reason I haven’t done that, recently: I sure haven’t snobbed your blog. This dang pandemic has been sucking fun out of my life, slowly, and I’ve used what little free time I still have to try to keep The Cove alive. I have a feeling covid-19 will not only kill people, it’ll kill blogs too. So please, please please hang on. I don’t want to see a Biff-free Bloggosphere.

    Looooooove ya, and your fabulous writing!! *Big hugs*

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    • I agree completely. Your writing is brilliant and frankly it never mattered to me whether your subject was something or nothing. The dreaded lurgy that is pre-occupying us all at the moment is sucking up lots of things, including fun, jobs and it seems inspiration. Hang in there, “nothing” will come back to life sooner or later …

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      • Howdy Musing (aka Sir Cool)! Thank you for your kind words of support. They truly do mean a lot to me. My writing is motivated solely by my hope that it will bring a smile to someone who needs it.

        I shall eagerly await the return of the “nothing” that provides me with so much inspiration.

        And you hang in there, too! Love your blog!

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    • Hiya, Sis! And … yes … you did indeed fool me. 🙂 But I am always glad to hear from my little sis!

      And thank you for the pep talk. These are indeed strange days for all of us. I never realized how much I took for granted before. Even simple things, like running out for an overpriced latte, or dashing to the grocery store for another box of Pepperidge Farm double stuffed dark chocolate Milanos has taken on the feel of dashing out into a post-apocolyptic world to try and score a kilo of Soylent Green. And those feelings have, of course, taken away the urge to write … and even the joy in writing.

      But people like you (and to a lesser extent, me) are the ones that are holding a candle up in the darkness rather than cursing it. Okay, there may be some cursing, too, but that is only because I stub my toe a lot when navigating by candlelight.

      But seriously, keep on writing and being a bright spot in a troubled world. And I shall do the same (though people tend to roll up their windows and lock the doors when driving past my spot.)

      Love you, and your amazing writing, too! *Big Bro Hugs!*


    • Hi, Christine!

      I dabble in fantasy every time I go to work. I have made a career out of fantasizing about getting a promotion, getting recognized for my work, and about someday being able to retire.

      But seriously … when I write, I scarcely have a grip on reality, let alone fantasy. Even when I am writing about everyday life, in the back of my head I am thinking, “No one is going to buy this for a second. It doesn’t seem plausible at all.”

      But I will definitely ponder your suggestion. Perhaps that is a new direction to take my writing.

      Stay safe out there!

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