Son of Friday Dregs

Friday Dregs 008


It feels like such a long time since I wrote something on here, that I’m afraid I may have forgotten how.

But they say that blogging is like riding a bike.

And by that, I assume they mean that you often get your cuffs caught in the chain and end up ass-over-teacups and laying in a ditch thinking, “I wonder if I can get a blog post out of this?

And that’s where the bike analogy breaks down, mostly because the language gets a little salty.  And also because it’s hard to use the word “sprocket” without sounding naughty.

So here it is: Friday.

Friday is my favorite day of the workweek.  That’s because, by noon, we are all blessed with a miniature version of how we used to feel on the last day of school before summer vacation.  We are antsy.  We are eager.  We are fidgety.  And we are probably hopped up on Pop Rocks®, Pixy Stix®, and Hillside Condensation (the dollar-store knock-off version of Mountain Dew®).

Except I am older now and so I am probably hopped up on water, salad, and Oat Cluster Bran Bars (nobody wants to register THAT trademark).

In fact, “hopped up” is probably too strong a phrase for what I feel on a Friday afternoon after a long week of work and salads.

“Chopped up” may be a more accurate description, because I feel like I have been through the corporate wood-chipper.  Except that I’m not feeling chipper at all.

If anything, I feel like mulch.  Which, not surprisingly, is the main ingredient in Oat Cluster Bran Bars.

And that, my friends, is the circle of life in a nutshell.

Circle of Life Fail 001
Who left that sprocket laying on the ground?

Happy Friday, everyone!

And watch where you step.


    • Thanks, Toni! I’m trying my best to get back into it, but it’s kind of like trying to get onto a train that has already left the station. I’m sure lots of us writers are in the same boat. Recent events have sort of taken the wind out of our sails. I hope you’re doing well! Your blog is certainly a bright spot in all of this.


  1. hello!
    I have been following your blog for about a year now, and i love your writing style, which is why I am asking if you would be interested in participating in a thing with me. See, my friend on here began a project on her 3 year blog-anniversary where one person write 200 words of a story, then passes it on to the next person, who adds their 200 words to it and passes it further. I want to nominate you after my turn, which will be the third set of 200 words that you will have to write. I can send you the link explaining the idea if you are interested! Either way, please continue writing here. I get so much joy from your silly yet thoughtful everyday musings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you again, Tanushka. 🙂 I am so honored you would ask me that. That is an intriguing idea, and I have read examples of this that were very interesting reads. Unfortunately, my writer’s block has been so bad lately that I can’t even seem to write posts on my own blog. 😀 Thank you for asking me, though.


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