Excuses, Excuses!

Sun with sunglasses and mask 001

I have not posted on a Saturday in a while and I was wondering why that was.

Apart from the pandemic scare, I mean.

The pandemic has been a great excuse to not do things for the past few months, but I’m afraid that particular gravy train of indolence is coming to an end.  Soon we will have to find other excuses to not do things we know we should be doing.  Especially writing.

No, I haven’t written anything on a Saturday (or any other day) for a long while simply because there’s not much in my life worthy of being written about.  One can only wring so much material out of the “work, eat, sleep, repeat” cycle.

Plus it is summer now and, in Texas, that means you’d better get up and get outside and do your yard work before 10 AM or else you will be roasted to a delicate crunch.  Or maybe a not so delicate crunch.

Wile E Coyote Incinerated 003a

However, even as the pandemic scare begins to wane and people are saying, “Well, things couldn’t get any worse“, the Texas summer is rolling up its sleeves and saying, “Hold my beer”.

Texas summers are a great excuse for not doing anything.  Whenever someone suggests doing something, the following response works like magic and does not even raise an eyebrow.

“It’s too hot.”

It doesn’t raise an eyebrow because it’s true.  It is truly too hot.

The best kind of excuse is always one that has a ring of truth or plausibility to it.

So, while the pandemic scare is getting bored with holding us down and taking our lunch money, Texas summer is smacking its fist in its palm and patiently awaiting its turn to get at us.

I would continue writing this post, but it is too hot.






  1. Speaking of 2020 not possibly getting any worse and then saying “Hold my beer”, we had a tornado warning here last week. A freaking tornado. Good god. Luckily it missed us and didn’t do a lot of damage elsewhere.

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  2. Exactly right – great excuse and very true – in TX summer it’s too hot to do much of anything, and it doesn’t cool off if much until way after dark.
    I think I heard the weather people here saying we had a cold front coming through, so it would get down to 94 degrees! haha 🙂 Stay inside if you can under the A/C

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