Meanwhile, Back At the Blog


Sometimes the hardest part about writing a daily blog post (which I post about every other week) is just clicking on that “WRITE” icon.

Has there ever been a more judgmental taskmaster than that reproachful little button that glares at us, its arms crossed, its toe tapping impatiently, its face captious, it’s attitude nagging?

But, like we all do, we misdirect our anger and frustration, not at the source, but at an easy target.  It is easy for me to blame an innocuous little button on a blogging website because that is much more palatable to me than identifying the real culprit.


And my colossal laziness.

Together we are an invincible duo.

If we were a crime-fighting duo, criminals would tremble at the mention of our name.

Or, rather, they would look up briefly, blink uncomprehendingly, and then go back to unperturbedly twiddling the dial on the bank safe.  Because they realize that, when we saw the great big “WRITE” logo appear in the cloudy sky over the city we would have the same argument we always have.

“Should we go check that out?”

“Nah.  It’s probably nothing.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s something.  Else why would they shine that big button up there in the sky?  Maybe it’s something we should go write about.”

“I doubt it.  We both know they’re trying to break into that same old safe they always try to break into.  And you know as well as I do that there’s nothing in there but some worthless old fragments of paper about how hot it is in Texas, or how work is absurdly inefficient, or about how difficult it is to find interesting things to write about.”

“That’s very meta.  Very Inception-like.”

“Every blog we’ve ever written is inescapably meta.  It is in the DNA of every blogger.”

I nod and sit back down.

“You’re right.  What’s the point of writing a blog that is, by definition, bounded by the limits of our own reality?  Especially a reality that I’ve documented the stuffing out of over the past few years!”

“There ya go!  Have another cup of coffee.  Watch another YouTube video.  Just let it go.”

“We could write a short story.  Or maybe another ‘rambling‘ post.”

“Shhhh.  Just let it go.  It’s over.  It’s gone.  It’s okay to let go.”

I nod and click on the “suggested for you” YouTube video.

Ha ha!  That Shaun the Sheep is a riot!











  1. Loved reading this! As a new blogger I often think I have a great idea, in the middle of the night lying awake I have lots of things to say and they are funny too! Once I sit, everything that I thought of the night before seems to either be not as funny, not as long, or I just simply blank. Ugh.

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  2. See, this is why I write everything in Word first. My only taskmaster is a blinking cursor and I’ve become used to ignoring him. But you ARE a blogging superhero, saving us all from the doldrums:-)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Suzanne! I used to write in Word and then cut-and-paste it into my blog, but for some bizarre reason, I am much more likely to write when I am in the WP editor than I am when I am in Word. I can write fiction in Word all day long, but if I try to write a blog post there, I just sit and stare at it for an hour and then usually give up. Very strange.

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    • Hi Christine! I haven’t tried poetry. I’ve tried it in the past, but never was very good at it. I guess I just don’t have the knack. But I’m willing to give it another try. 🙂

      And who doesn’t drool over a good watermelon? ha ha!

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