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Apparently the cloister-in-place orders that have had people cowering in their homes for months have not made those same people so bored that they have taken up reading blogs.

My blog stats drop off precipitously on days when I don’t post anything.  And that is only slightly worse than the days when I post something.

Just what the heck are people doing with themselves while cloistering?

Obviously not reading blogs!

I know that for a fact, and I have the anti-stats to prove it!

This is all the more frustrating because of the latest trend of bingeing on things.  People will watch all 9 seasons of “Seinfeld” in an afternoon while “working from home”.  Or all 20 seasons of “Gunsmoke” while supposedly watching their kids.

But will they tarry over a blog and read a post or two?

No they will not.

That’s because bingeing does not extend to blogs.

I mean, who binges on blogs?  That’s like bingeing on oat bran.

Or like asking someone to show you MORE pictures of their traffic cone collection.

Or asking someone to explain to you, just one more time, why amortization, rather than depreciation is the proper method of capturing the declining value of intangible assets.

I mean … come on!

But personally, I think there is another reason people don’t binge on blogs.

It is because blogs are free.

We feel no obligation to read something that is free.  We value free reading material slightly less than the find-a-word puzzle on the back of a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal.

On the other hand, if we pay an exorbitant amount for the privilege of streaming the latest shiny object from a media giant, we feel obligated to watch it.  Furthermore, we value it more because we paid actual money for it.

But blogs are free.

And apparently worth every penny of it!



  1. Considering I often get a week or so behind in blog reading, binging is a requirement for coming anywhere near catching up. The wife get annoyed in fact, “quit your blogging and do some yard work!”


  2. My numbers have been strangely good through the pandemic and I can’t figure a good reason. The humor blog, OK, since my big weekly feature is a summary of one of the story comics and who doesn’t want to hear the details of what Mark Trail is up to? But the mathematics blog is a mystery. Are there people who figure, well, now that I can’t go to a bar or movie or concert, I’m going to finally learn what a “cohomology” is? Apparently there’s at least eight of them! For some reason.


  3. It happens to everyone, my friend. I only post once a week normally, so my stats mid-week start to slide. But that’s OK–the weekends make up for it. I always love to see the countries where I’m getting readers from–very international. When Titus passed away, I was able to tell people that he was, in actual fact, world famous!


  4. Blog Binging..what a concept. I try to continue to blog daily as well as keep track of those I Follow.


  5. My take is this: People are using the shelter in place orders to do the things they’ve wanted to do but never had time OR they have too much on their minds and their hands full, with elders to care for and kids at home to chase and entertain. Like I said, just my take. 😉


  6. I read every one of your posts, though not necessarily on the day they are published. I do have trouble getting to every post, of those I follow, if they publish several posts per day. My reading list can jump from 0 to 60 in 10 minutes.

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  7. I sympathise fully with regards underwhelming blog stats but then I’ve just spent most of this month binge-watching Star Wars so I can blog about binge-watching Star Wars, so:
    a) I don’t really deserve blog stats any better than the ones I currently have and
    b) I’m clearly part of the problem and proof that everything you’ve written is true. Although I didn’t understand some of the big words you used and even though I could look them up on the device I’m using to write this, I probably won’t. So I couldn’t comment on those bits. Although I obviously have…

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  8. Don’t have a TV, so no “binge-watching” — which leaves me time for binge-reading blogs and books. And/or binge writing blog posts. And/or housework. I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t had the time to do justice to self-cloistering.


  9. Due to my protestant work ethic I don’t binge watch anything, feel too guilty to watch television during the day! I have had a few bloggers binge read thirty of my blogs in ten seconds flat – I was slightly suspicious that the bloggers in question seemed to only blog about selling vitamin pills, reviewing lawn mowers or promoting ( for a price ) their skills in helping me to make a huge profit at blogging.

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  10. Where do I find all 20 seasons of Gunsmoke? On second thought, I haven’t managed to get thru all eight episodes of the last show I started. Some of us are busier in this pandemic than before.

    I will make t he time though to look at pictures of your traffic cone collection. I don’t think I have seen any of them.

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