Something To Smile About: Ivan Decker

Ivan Decker 001

Ivan Decker is one of my all-time favorite comedians.  His material is hilariously funny and original and clever.

He has an absolutely perfect voice for comedy.  It is engaging, easy to understand, and has a humorous lilt to it.

Furthermore, Ivan’s pacing is genius, taking you along for the comedic ride while still giving you time to breathe, to enjoy the scenery, and to savor the setup and the delivery.  It sounds manic, without actually being manic.  A better word for it might be “exhilarating”.

And best of all, he is a “clean comic”.  This is an increasingly rare quality among comedians.  In this day and age, it takes far more comedic talent to talk about ordinary things that affect us all in a humorous manner, rather than rely on the crutches of profanity, gutter mentality, and juvenile prurience.  Ivan avoids all of those traps and delivers pure comedy, as refined as 24k gold.

Here is one of my favorite routines by Ivan.  I invite you to check out all of his material that you can find, for it is all hilarious.  And if you ever get a chance to see him in person … well … I envy you!


Also, feel free to visit his website:




  1. Took my pre-teen son to see Jim Gaffigan, wife to see Newhart and Seinfeld, so YES, love clean humour. Such a challenge to write, but funny is universal. Hey thx for the heads up on Ivan, will seek him out, Biff! Hope you are all healthy and coping well.

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    • Wow … I’m so jealous! I would love to get to see those people in person! Especially Bob Newhart. He has always been my spirit animal. And you’re so right … clean humor is so much harder to write and to perform than mere profanity and obscenity. I suppose that’s why most comedians nowadays don’t attempt it. It’s simply too hard.

      Let me know if you get to see Ivan in person! I would love to hear what you think about him.

      We’re all doing well … I hope you and your family is too!


  2. This gave me a good laugh! I remember the good ol’ 1$ and 2$ bills, and when our money was made of paper… I didn’t know Ivan, but I’ll keep an eye open whenever we start having comedy shows again! And I promise I’ll go to one of his shows when he comes to Montréal, and I’ll try to get a picture & autograph and let him know he has a big fan down in Texas 😉 xx

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    • Hiya, Sis! I’m glad you were able to have a good laugh over this. Ivan always makes me laugh. And I’m so happy you might get to see him in the future! I’m so jealous. And please do tell him that he has a fan club in Dallas, and to please come visit us as soon as he can. I most certainly will go. And I will take lots of small bills in case he has any 20s that need to be broken.

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    • It used to be that way down here in the States, too, but I think a lot of businesses cleverly adjusted their prices so that, when tax is added, the sum comes out to a nice round dollar figure.

      Now when someone hands me 3 pennies, I just look at them like, “What am I supposed to do with THESE?” They are literally worthless.

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  3. Yes, Ivan has been to the shops with me; the change water slide, I shall think of that every time ha, ha, though since The Virus, shops want you to use your magic touch plastic cards instead of infectious cash. However, our local greengrocers’ takes only cash and what fun to use a £20 note to buy one onion and a banana and get hefty £2 coins, £1coins, large 50p pieces, ten ps, 20ps and tiny 5pence….

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    • I was thinking that very thing as I posted this … how the Covid-19 insanity may be the death knell for cash. We may all be forced to go cashless. NOW what am I going to do with all those Mason jars full of loose coins that I have stashed away? ha ha!

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