Channeling Your Inner Peacock

Peacock 001

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I realize Fridays aren’t quite the Big Deal that they used to be.  We used to be able to count on Fridays to lift us up out of the doldrums and to put us in a celebratory mood, even if all we were celebrating was the end of a mundane workweek and the beginning of an equally mundane weekend.

But it was a different kind of mundane, and so worthy of a celebration.

If one has been staring at beige all week long, suddenly ecru can seem like a riotous explosion of color.

Donning a pair of khakis might make a coworker comment, “Whoa!  What’s up with the peacock outfit?”

So make your own color this weekend.  Wear a Hawaiian print shirt.  Wear a pair of chartreuse sneakers.    Wear flamingo socks.  Put a ribbon in your hair.  Wear rose-colored glasses.  Give Spring a run for her money!

If ever there was a time to do those things, now is it!

But don’t blame me if you are sent home for a dress-code violation.





  1. Haha! I worked in a business casual office, and since it was a manufacturing environment, closed-toed shoes were encouraged even though we weren’t on the manufacturing floor. As the years went on, I decided to relax my personal dress code a bit. By the end of my career, my daily office attire included Birkenstocks and wide variety of Hawaiian shirts. Screw Fridays…when it comes to Hawaiian shirts, Monday through Friday is the only way to go! Tenure has its perks.

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    • You are so right about that! Unfortunately, no matter how long I’ve been with a company, or how high I’ve climbed through the ranks, I never felt confident enough in the security of my position to wander too far afield in my personal style. Perhaps, the closer I get to retirement, the more I will let my true self shine forth. However, at this point I’m worried that my true self will also be wearing button down shirts and wingtip Oxfords.

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        • Hi Linda! Yes, I had never considered the possibility of “novelty underwear” before. That might be just the thing to keep one smiling throughout the day.

          And, yep, Texas is opening up. Yesterday marked the opening of salons and whatnot. But I shan’t be rushing out to try to resume life as it was a few months ago. I am perfectly happy to be a hermit. Of course, that was true BEFORE the pandemic, so in a way I am resuming life as it was a few months ago.

          Stay safe out there!

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    • Hi Stephanie! I hope your weekend turned out as planned. And as we all know, humans are the reverse of peacocks. It is the females who are colorful and beautiful, and the males who are drab and colorless. So I’m sure whatever you planned was awesome!

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    • Ha ha! I am a firm believer in comfort, especially when I am at home. After all, why not be comfortable? Especially if it is snowing outside! There is zero-percent chance of snow in Texas this time of year, but it has been raining a lot, and that is almost as good an excuse for staying indoors and wearing lounge-wear.


  2. I hooked into an e-video Friday happy hour this afternoon that a few of us (members of a Melbourne club) have been attending since this nonsense started. We were going to maintain our club’s dress standard — jackets and ties but, only a couple of weeks in, it’s t-shirts. On the other hand our libations have progressed — some of us are mixing lethal cocktails to sip while we pretend we’re doing our usual Friday thing. Next to come must be community singing. Cheers.

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    • I’m so glad you are continuing your social traditions, albiet electronically. I believe that is essential in helping us to remain sane in these INsane times. Be cautious with those lethal cocktails, though!


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