Saturday Coffee with Biff

man drinking Coffee 03

Happy Saturday morning!

I am still on a writer’s high from the wild success of yesterday’s blog post in which I received a breathtaking 1 view an hour (well … actually 9/10 of a view per hour) and a staggering quarter of a like every 90 minutes.

In the world of blogging, this is the equivalent to having a book on the NYT Best Seller list and a world book-signing tour.

If blogging has taught me nothing, it is that the key to success (or the illusion of success) is to set the bar extremely low.  In fact, just lay that bar on the ground … it makes it so much easier just to step over it and do the Rocky Balboa holding-up-your-boxing-gloved-hands-over-your-head victory prance.

Me Celebrating One View Per Hour


Today I have decided to take it easy.  Not only do I want to savor the success of yesterday’s post, but I have been working very hard lately and putting in a lot of overtime at work.  The stress levels are through the roof.

Therefore, I think I deserve a few extra hours to sit here in my comfy chair in my pajamas, drinking coffee, and watching ephemera, dross, frippery, and bagatelles on YouTube.

And speaking of bagatelles, while there are no bagatelles in the Biff larder, I did get to enjoy a tasty Einstein bagel this morning with my coffee, and if that is not the very definition of living the high life … well … then I guess I just don’t know what the high life is.  (Which is very possible.)

My other plans for today include:

  • Going to Half Price Books to buy a used paperback book that costs a dollar and seeing if they will honor coupon for 50% off that expired yesterday.   (Hey!  I had to work late and didn’t get an opportunity to go to HPB until today.)
  • Driving down the nearly empty streets of our city and pretending like I am Charlton Heston in the opening scenes of “Omega Man”
  • Drinking slightly more coffee than the US Surgeon General recommends in a day
  • Trying once and for all to finish off what is left of all the chocolate I received at Christmas
  • Trying to do a single sit-up so that I can prove that I am just as athletic as I was in college
  • Standing in front of a mirror and practicing wearing a monocle.  (It is a fashion statement that is way overdue for a come-back!)
  • Going to Barnes & Noble to the language section and asking if they have a Rosetta Stone™ for Newspeak
  • Trying to think up more things to put on this list


Okay, Saturday morning is rapidly drawing to a close, so I’d better get busy.  I’ve got plenty of nothing to do today.

Have a wonderful Saturday!




    • Now there’s a thought! I used to know someone who arranged their books by color. I was like … “what?” But it made sense to them, and that is all that matters. However, how they ever found a book they were looking for, I’ll never know. I suppose it’s very similar to a squirrel remembering where it buried all of its acorns.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Actually, squirrels bury more acorns than they ever find–but that is another story.
        I would like to organize my books by editions–but that is when I used to have lots of Penguins and Oxford World Classics. Now, I prefer the willy-nilly approach: Some here and some there.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I wish my retirement account worked like that … that I could save more than I could ever spend. But, alas, I’m not that savvy. Or lucky.

          Dang … I love Penguins and OWS! They used to be fairly easy to buy around here at various bookstores, but now that there is basically only one bookstore now (Barnes & Noble and their various subsidiaries), no more Penguins. I know I could buy them online, but I like buying them in stores. Crazy … I know.

          And sometimes I like the willy-nilly approach. It gives looking for a book a sense of mystery and expectation! Like Indiana Jones looking for something to read.

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