Friday Fandango


All the good alliterative titles regarding Friday have been taken.

  • Freaky Friday
  • Friday Fun — or — Fun Friday
  • Friday Follies
  • Friday Foibles
  • Fruity Friday
  • Fabulous Friday
  • Frantic Friday
  • Friday Falderol
  • Etc.   Etc.


So, after looking around for a title for my new and (hopefully) semi-regular Friday feature, all that was really left was Friday Fandango.

So here it is.

Friday Fandango.

Fandango Friday 001

Yeah.  It’s probably best that we don’t dwell for too long on the title.  Let’s just concentrate on the content.

The purpose of Friday Fandango is to just bring you a bit of Friday Foolishness.  (Dangit!  That would have been a much better title!)

It’s just a little morsel for you to enjoy while you’re eating your morning donut, power bar, breakfast taco, or blintz.  Or, if you’re a CEO, perhaps the souls of your underlings.

PopTart Meme 001

But whatever your snack of choice is, I think we can all agree that we can all use a bit of Friday frivolousness (Dangit!  That would have been a good title, too!)

So sit back.  Take a sip of coffee.  Nibble on a danish.

And for gosh sakes … smile!   It’s Friday!

Maybe you can leave work a little early today.

Friday Work Meme 001






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