What?  No Whatnot? Why not?

chicken confused 001

This is not a Whatnot Wednesday post.  You may be asking yourself why not.

And why not?

You are within your rights to ask.

Normally I would post a Whatnot Wednesday blog post.   I was even called out on it by my good friend Christine in her wonderful blog post “‘Wee Timorous Beastie’ Indeed!“.

However, today quite got away from me and I didn’t have time to search about for a topic on which I could blather on about pointlessly (which, as you know, is sort of my jam).

And I’m not the sort to go about something half-assed.

No, if I can’t do it full-assed, then I just won’t bother.  Which is, in itself, a form of half-assery.

So what I’m really talking about is being half-assed about being half-assed.

And, really, what kind of results can you expect from someone doing something quarter-assed?

A quarter-ass is not the same as a quarter-horse.

It is, however, a horse of a different color.

But that’s enough horsing around for one blog post.


    • I’ve always found that the one was always improved by the presence of the other. But what do I know?

      Also, a long time ago, when I was an electrical engineer, I used to use relays that were manufactured by a German company that was called … I kid you not …. Assman. It made for some interesting calls to the lady in our company who did our purchasing. Is it any wonder that I still jump whenever I hear the phrase”HR wants to see you”?

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