Feeling Past Tense in a Future Sense (Passed Since)

Man Confused on Computer 002

Can you believe Monday is over already?  It has come and gone in a flash and left me wondering where it went to.

And what that flash was.

I am accustomed to weekends passing quickly.  With them, it is just their nature.  No one is surprised when a weekend flits by like a greased gazelle on amphetamines.

But today it was Monday that flashed by at light speed.

However, unlike the weekend, I don’t miss this Monday now that it is gone.  It is more of a “good riddance” situation.

When a weekend is over, it has more of a “wailing and gnashing of teeth” vibe.

But, when any day passes by too quickly, whether it is a Saturday or a Monday, all you can do is shrug your shoulders and say, “Well, whattaya gonna do?”

Some of you might be asking yourselves why my Monday passed by so quickly.  After all, I am on record (many times) as saying that Mondays never pass by quickly.  And I stand by that.

The reason this one passed by so quickly is that I am so dang busy at work that I somehow get from 8 AM to 5 PM in a mere blink of an eye with no inkling of how I got there or why I’m so exhausted.

It is time travel, but not the good kind.

I didn’t wake up a thousand years in the future where there’ll be spandex jackets, one for everyone.

No, I just materialized 9 hours in the future with a to-do list longer than it was 9 hours before, feeling kind of jet-laggy, and haunted by a sense that  my luggage was left in the past and that I will never see it again.

Oh well … tomorrow is Tuesday and I’ll get another shot at it.

And besides … whattaya gonna do?



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