Whatnot Wednesday: On the Otho Hand, Nothing Lasts Forever

chicken confused 001


Gather ’round, Kiddies!  It is time for another Whatnot Wednesday.

If you can avoid dipping anyone’s pigtails into the inkwells, I will make sure you all get an extra five minutes on the playground for hoop trundling.

Many people have remarked to me today, “Hey, Biff!  Did you know that today is the 1,951st anniversary of Otho seizing power in Rome and proclaiming himself the Emperor of Rome?

To which I replied, “Tcha!” and indicated with a wave of my hand the special cake I’d had made for the occasion with the icing piping that read:

Happy 1951st Anniversary of your Emperiority Complex, Otho!

But much like everyone’s resolve to post more blog posts in the new year, his reign was short lived.  He was emperor for a mere three months.

One might ask ( as one often does), what could any emperor hope to accomplish in a mere three months?

Well, it was a busy three months.  He hardly had time to take naps or grab a coffee at Ye Olde Starrus Buckius.

Why, on his very first day on the job, he had Emperor Galba murdered just to let everyone know there was a new kid in town.  (And also to open up the plush corner office that he wanted.)

His other many accomplishments included:

  • Leading a large army to to face Vitellius’ army in the Battle of Bedriacum,
  • Getting his ass handed to him at that very battle
  • And … um … committing suicide to avoid having to fill out all of the paperwork on the 40,000 casualties in the battle.


It just goes to show you, excessive paperwork has been the downfall of many an organization.


How To Play Whatnot Wednesday

  1. Write a blog post entitled “Whatnot Wednesday” (it can be about anything)
  2. Add a link to this “Whatnot Wednesday” post in your post
  3. Add the tag #WhatnotWednesday to your post
  4. In the comments below in my post, leave a link to your Whatnot Wednesday blog post
  5. Minimize paperwork.
  6. Most of all …. HAVE FUN!




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