A Few Rash Promises, and a Promising Rash (of Blogs)

Writer's Block Stamp 001

It is no secret that, for most of us, it is the start of a new year.

And when a new year kicks off, we tend to make all sorts of crazy promises to ourselves.

For instance, I promised myself I was going to get up early this morning to start getting back into a rhythm for returning to work on Monday.

Yeah … we all had a pretty hearty laugh about that here in the offices of BSP Industries.

One of my other hare-brained promises to myself was that I would blog more this year.

Those of you who drop by my blog often … (and don’t worry, I won’t mention your names per the Promise of Anonymity Agreement you made me sign before you agreed to follow me) …  you may have noticed that I have not blogged much over the past few months.

There were good reasons for this, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and, most importantly, a complete lack of ideas.

But I can’t blame holidays forever for my inability to write even a simple blog post.  Eventually, I’m going to have to take up some vice that I can blame it on.

I’m thinking:  philately.

My mother once accused my father of being a philatelist, a charge he hotly denied.  However, she found incriminating stamp hinges in his pockets and the smell of watermark fluid on his collar.   He tried to explain it away by saying he had just been to the post office to mail a few letters, but the damage was done.  He admitted he was licked, the accusations stuck, and their relationship eventually became unglued.

So anyway, you’ve been warned.

I intend to stamp out my writer’s block by posting things more often in the coming months.


    • I enjoy philately, though I never mention that out loud to anyone. I think people would be more shocked to hear I enjoy philately, than they would if I were to admit I was a crack dealer or pimp. So it’s just my little secret. 😀

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      • I suppose there is more respectability in pimping and crack dealing–especially if you file your taxes on time.
        Who do you think has to hide their hobby more; philatelists or trainspotters?

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        • Hmmm … that is an intriguing question! I think I’d have to answer “philatelist”. Trainspotting has a certain cache associated with it because of a few books and movies that romanticized it somewhat. To my knowledge, there has never been a book or movie (or even a short story) about a philatelist.

          I suppose it’s just safer to stick to pimping and crack-dealing. At least the general population know what those are! And taxing entities appreciate the extra revenue.


            • I actually saw that book somewhere and I’m sad I didn’t pick it up when I saw it. I suppose I shall have to just buy it online now. And I HATE buying things online. Except stamps, of course. I have been very much tempted to pull the trigger on buying a set of US Airmail Graf Zepplin stamps. I have lusted after them since boyhood and it would be a dream come true to own a set of them.

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  1. Enjoyed your post and look forward to many more. Thankfully I’m old enough to know what stamps are. My husband even collected them when he was a boy.
    There are numerous daily writing prompts that might inspire you, if you run out of ideas. The Ragtag community word for today is BREATHE. you can’t go wrong with that. 😉


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    • Hi Christine! Thank you so much. Just between you and me, I collected stamps as a boy, too. In fact, I still can’t break myself of the habit of cutting stamps off of the mail I receive. I have no idea what I am doing that for. Old habits die hard, I guess.

      And you’re right. BREATHE is an excellent prompt. But, for me, a better prompt would be “GET UP OFF YOUR DUFF AND DO SOME WRITING!” 😀

      But I will definitely check out ragtag. Thanks for the info!

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