Year End Ruminations … Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Desk Calendar - Blog Boot Camp 01

Bloggers everywhere are posting their end-of-the-year thoughts about blogging and about life in general, as well as posting their hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Why should I be any different?

After all, these are free blogging topics that are just there for the taking!  And as someone who struggles mightily to come up with things to write about, I am not about to pass up a free buffet.  (I’m not sure if that qualifies as a mixed metaphor or not, but I can’t be bothered with such quibbles at the moment, for I am face-deep in the trough of this free buffet of ideas.)

Like most bloggers, I have been thinking that my blog is due for a makeover.  It is the equivalent of thinking I need to send my blog to the gym to start tightening things up a bit and get it more toned.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like my blog as it is.  (Frozen, insincere smiles goes here.)

But there is no denying that it is sort of a hodgepodge of random thoughts and ideas.  Is it a journal blog?  A fiction blog?  A blog about blogging?  A photo blog?  A bloggy blog?

And that’s just it.  I don’t know.

I post anything and everything on here, chasing the elusive reader.  We all chase the elusive reader.  Readers are like the unicorns of the writing world.  We only have the most ephemeral evidence that they exist, but like a doe-eyed nine-year-old girl, we believe in them implicitly and spend our every waking moment wishing for one of our own.

But attracting readers takes more than unicorn dreams.  It takes a plan.  It takes work.  It takes dedication.

That is why, every year at this time, we all contemplate sending our blogs to the equivalent of blogging boot camp.

Out with the old!  In with the new!“,  is our battle cry.

We all think about deleting everything on our blogs and starting over with a clean slate.

But we look at all of the posts we’ve written and our eyes tear up at the thought of getting rid of them.  It would be like euthanizing puppies to delete our beloved blog posts!

And so, instead of sending our blogs off to the gym to be toned and tightened and strengthened, we have to just sit down among the rubbish of our blogs and realize that, far from being potential Peloton models, we are just hoarders.




  1. I’m with Linda….don’t dare to change a thing or even worst put your blog to sleep or else I’ll get on that plane to Texas too and then you ll have two angry disappointments readers at your door😘

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    • It sounds like I’ve found a sure-fire way to get my bestest friends to come visit me in Texas! I never like disappointing people, but maybe I can make it up to you by taking you out for some genuine Texas barbecue. 🙂


  2. So many nice comments you’ve gotten above. Mine is more of a threat. If you, for one minute, decide to delete your blog to start over, I will personally fly to Texas to give you a good THWAP! So don’t do it. I’m in fantastic thwapping form, even if it is just after the holidays!

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    • Thank you, Linda! I can always rely on you to keep me grounded. 😉 Please don’t come down here and thwap me! You are more than welcome to come visit, of course … it would be a joy … but please leave your thwapping instruments up in Maine. 🙂

      And not to worry. I won’t delete anything on my blog, no matter how great the temptation may be. I shall just keep on plugging along and hoping that something good comes from all this. Actually … something good has already come of my blogging. I now have some great friends like you to make this journey fun and enjoyable and uplifting. So … thank you so much for making writing fun!

      And here’s to a great new year for all of us!

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    • Thanks, Eric! I think it’s a common feeling among us writers, that, if we could just somehow come up with the magic formula for “tweaking” our sites, that readers would come pouring in by the busload.

      And I also agree that Christine should get some sort of MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) award for passing along such a valuable tip!


  3. Dear Biff,

    May I first of all wish you a Happy New Year.
    Secondly, I trust that 2020 will be a year of increased blogging success.

    I must commend you, Biff, for your generous use of TAGS. As seasoned bloggers know, categories and tags are what send posts to the Reader, where readers are eagerly searching to discover what brilliant thoughts you are sharing today. WordPress allows up to (a combo of) fifteen C’s and T’s, so tag away.

    With regard to free blogging topics, the trough is overflowing. If you will take a quick look over at you will see all the possibilities.

    The very first on the list is AMAZON. so if you have something to say about them, people will listen — especially if you grumble. Grumbling about Amazon is very popular these days.

    Looking closer, one of the most clicked-on tags is Memes. 10639 posts have been written on that subject (whatever it is), so if you could think of something to say about that, your blog post may be well received. Opinion, on the other hand, has 1378 posts, so if you prefer less competition…

    A lot of people are blogging about raynniere-makepeace, too, but you may not be able to read what they’re saying. Can’t win ’em all.

    So may you find oodles of topics to blog about in 2020. These thoughts are brought to you by your friendly warm-fuzzies engineer from the enigmatic blogosphere. 😉

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    • Thank you, Christine! I was not aware of “tags” area on the WP website. I will definitely be paying that a visit. I have often lamented that WP does not seem to have a set of “standard” tags for people to use and get noticed. Well, the joke’s on me … becuase they DO! So thanks for the tip.

      Here’s hoping 2020 will be a bonner year for us all!

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