Thrown From A Bucking Blog

Bucking Bronc 001

Blogging (they say) is like getting thrown from a horse.

If you fall off of it, you just need to get right back up in the saddle again as quickly as possible.

This information is about as useful as:  The best way to stop being poor is to just make lots of money.

Thanks for the advice.

No, here are some actually useful comparisons of neglecting your blog to getting thrown from a horse.


Blog neglect is like falling off of a horse in that …


  1. The horse has achieved its desired goal of not having something on its back.
  2. Everyone who sees you fall off the horse has a good laugh and feels much better about themselves.
  3. You finally get to find out how good your medical insurance really is (or isn’t).
  4. You now have a cool story to tell people who are waiting for you to finish talking so that they can tell a much cooler story about how they were thrown off the back of a wildebeest that was being chased by a pride of hungry lions.
  5. You realize that perhaps you really were not that good of an equestrian to begin with.  And riding a horse is really an inefficient way to get around.


Okay, those were not that good.

But please be patient with me while I try to get back up on this horse.




  1. I’d say blogging is more like getting on a horse. You’re not sure what sort of beast you’re mounting, it may take you for a ride or just balk and go nowhere, it takes practice to get better at it; but when everything’s said and done it just comes down to if you enjoy going to the rodeo.

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    • Hi, Dave! Truer words were never spoken. As you said, I never know what sort of horse I’m about to get up on when I sit down to write, but the important thing is, is that I enjoy writing. Therefore, I’ll keep it up, even if there is no apparent future in it. 😀

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    • I am the king of passive/aggressive behavior. Just ask any of my coworkers.

      I am okay with a duel. I missed Thursday due to the holidays. How about the first Thursday in February? The weapon I choose is: yard darts.


    • Au contraire, mon frère. I am hoping horses make a big comeback. I am the sole investor in an up and coming buggy-whip concern.

      And I started to mark your remark as spam, but then it occurred to me that I think there is very little horse in Spam.


    • Thank you, Ashley! And, yes, I think a lot of us are in the same boat. Our blogging activity waxes and wanes depending on what’s going on in our lives and in our relative energy levels. But luckily we keep coming back. 🙂

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