What Happened to My Weekend

Friday Dregs 004

Like most weekends, this one got away from me early.

Getting up on a weekend is kind of like climbing up onto a docile-looking little horse … the kind of horse that has lived a long and fruitful life standing still while kids are placed upon its back for photos.

One swings up into the saddle with sang-froid and aplomb. We pat the horse condescendingly on the shoulder and say something amusing, like, “Easy there, big fellah.”

It is then that we notice the name on the stall is “Satan’s Revenge”. There is a smaller sign that says, “Owners not responsible for any injuries to patrons.”

Suddenly the horse if off like a shot, and you are holding on for dear life.

Saturday morning passes by like a blur. Saturday afternoon is missed entirely because your eyes are closed because of the strong wind in them. Saturday evening? No memories of it at all.

Sunday morning seems leisurely enough, and you are hopeful that your weekend horse is a bit winded and will slow down some.

But no such luck. By Sunday afternoon, the landscape looks like a Renoir painting … more of a vague impression than anything discernible.

And then, Sunday evening, the horse suddenly stops, and bucks wildly … and throws you … heels over head …

And you land squarely on your bum on Monday morning.

And you are saddened to note that Monday morning is going by as slow as molasses at the North Pole in winter.

But we just keep getting back up on that horse, hopeful that the next one will be a little slower.


    • Hi Linda! Yes, I love that idea. Who wouldn’t want a camel walking around work encouraging everyone by saying “Hump Day!”? I think that would classify him as a service animal. But, it’s possible that he might begin to feel the stress … and that would be The Dromedary Strain.

      Sorry, that one was just for me.

      I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

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        • Thank you … I’m glad you enjoyed it. Some of my best humor is in my head. Now if I could only get it down on paper!

          And, also in my head, I lead quite the sappy existence. I’d live in a Hallmark movie if I could. However, reality has other ideas for me.

          Liked by 1 person

    • I love rain. I do some of my best writing when it is raining. But I suppose that’s just because we hardly ever get any of it here. It’s such a novelty.

      Here’s hoping all your future weekends go by at just the right pace. πŸ™‚

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