Write, Biff, Write!

man sleeping at computer 002

It is ironic to me that I have the strongest urge to write on Saturday mornings, when I have the least mental capacity to do so.

I will often be sitting here, bleary-eyed, wild-haired, brain firing on one cylinder, drinking coffee and trying to wake up, and my wonderful brain will say, “Hey!  This is the perfect time to write something.  So let’s fire up that laptop, Rip Van Winkle Boy!”

So I fire up the laptop and sit here staring at the screen like a sedated sloth staring at a pin-ball machine.


So I try to force some words down onto the page.  And it goes something like this:

Coffee … good.

Me type keys with fingers!  

See Spot run.

Oh!  Spot!  Oh!   Run, Spot!  Run!

Rut roh!   Run away from copyright lawyer, Spot!

See completely different dog run.  Dog with no name or copyright lawyers or registered trademark symbols.  Completely generic dog.  Rescue dog.  Rescue dog generate much likes.

Run, nameless dog!  Run!

Biff pour generic bag of non-trademarked kibble into your bowl.  Because Biff don’t have no affiliates or sponsors.

Write, Biff!  Write!

I think you can now see why Biff should not be writing on a Saturday morning, no matter how strong the urge is.

Have a great Saturday!






  1. As a fierce disciplinarian (self-inflicted) and human observatory, I force myself to observe and depict humorous things I see or hear thru the week, often in Notes on my phone, etc. Much of it is dreck, but certain things bubble up that make me chuckle. I have posted on a daily basis (here and on IG) for a few years now, in spite of work, etc. It is almost meditation for me. On the other hand, pure writing (minus the art) exhausts me, uses a different part of the brain, I guess. (Had a brain injury years ago, kind of compromised the Author zone of the brain. Love your posts, big B in big D.

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    • You have a much more philosophical and directed approach to creating than I do. I tend to do a lot of what is nowadays popularly called “pantsing”, which is derived from the phrase “flying by the seat of one’s pants”. I never have an idea what I’m about to start writing. I just start writing and hope for the best. Not a very effective way to create, but I’m afraid it’s all I know.


  2. Saturday morning is when I write my weekly blog, but I take notes all week, usually on scraps of paper or in my phone. This week I have the word v*gina written all over our grocery list…but now it’s Sunday, so Write, Biff, Write!

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  3. 🙂 In my case, I write when I am fully coherent.

    Large doses of caffeine help to keep me awake when I am writing.

    I write my blog posts days in advance and when I am finished with them, I schedule them to be published at a particular time and date in the future.

    By the way, knowing exactly what it is that you would like to write about will make it somewhat easier for you.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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