Remembrance of Weekends Passed

Autumn Day 001

It has been a very nice weekend here in Biffville.

For one thing, it was a weekend, and so it was nearly impossible for it to be anything other than great.

Secondly, the weather was absolutely wonderful and decidedly un-Texas-like.  Those of you who regularly read my blog are familiar with my posts decrying the brutally hot summers that seem to last for most of the year.  So when the temperature dips down into the 60s (18 C), it is cause for celebration.  If school had been in session over the weekend, we would have had the schools discharge their charges, much like we release rehabilitated ferrets into the wild after removing their 3D-printed leg-splints.

In addition to perfect temperatures and a beaming sun, the leaves have finally started changing colors.  It actually looks like autumn here, if you can believe that.  And many of us who live here, can’t.

It is so surprising to step outside and see trees full of leaves of red, yellow, orange, and saffron.  There are also a good many trees whose leaves are still green.

Only in Texas can you have to get out and mow the grass while wearing a heavy coat, sunglasses, and sunblock on your nose.  Only in Texas will flowers be blooming while leaves are turning orange and falling from the trees.  Only in Texas do you have to bring  fruit-laden tomato plants indoors at night to keep the frost from killing them.  Only in Texas do you have to wear a jacket to dash through the chilly air to your car, where you immediately have to turn on the air conditioner because the bright sun heats up your car into the mid 90s (35 C)

Is it any wonder us Texans are so schizophrenic?

We never know from one minute to the next what will be coming our way weather-wise.

But in spite of all that, it was an absolutely fantastic weekend.

I am going to miss it terribly.





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