Meme Monday: Just Use the Cocktail Stick

Cocktail Stick Meme 001

I sure hope none of you feel this kind of pressure while reading my blog.

Speaking of disturbing commercials, take a gander at this commercial for AT&T.  It is what I used to generate the meme above.


I feel so sorry for the poor, hapless guy in this commercial.  First Gordon Ramsey insults him.  Then Gordon slaps his hand.  And then his girlfriend turns on him like a rabid wolverine and tears him a new one for the egregious crime of failing to use a cocktail stick.

He must certainly feel like the world is no longer on his side.

Personally, I think the cocktail stick is not the problem in their relationship.  I think the cocktail stick is really just a Freudian metaphor for a much deeper psychological rift in the fabric of their relationship.

I hope he left that store much wiser and knowing what he must do to achieve true happiness in life.

And I’m pretty sure it does not involve cocktail sticks.



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