And So It Begins …

Candycorn Hangiver

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Or, if you prefer, happy day-after-Halloween!

Or how about Happy First Day of November?

Or, perhaps, happy first day of NaNoWriMo.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I shan’t be participating in it

This is mostly because I was looking for an excuse to use shan’t in a sentence, and that seemed like as good a place as any to use it.

Shan’t is a great word.  It’s the kind of word that makes people look at you askance (much like the word askance itself does).

If you say to someone at work, “I shan’t be attending your 3-hour long meeting on Overhead Projector Safety Procedures this afternoon,” it makes them do a double take.  They think, for perhaps a 20th of a second, that you are an English aristocrat and that you cannot possibly deign to attend their ridiculous meeting because you will be christening a ship later on.

But later, when they are laying in a hospital bed recovering from a nasty accident involving an overhead projector, they will think, “Hey, wait a minute.  He’s not an aristocrat!

Shan’t gives people pause, because it has just the faintest overtones of spitefulness in it.

Saying, “I’m not sure I can attend” or “I won’t be able to attend” or “I can’t attend” makes it sound as if you’d like to attend, but circumstances may arise that will prevent it.

But saying, “I shan’t attend” is like saying “I’d rather be beaten to death by a rubber chicken than attend your asinine and pointless charade of a meeting.  I hope you contract gout soon.  Now I must take my leave, for I have a ship christening to get to.”  [Exit stage left, adjusting monocle.]

But anyway, to those of you participating in NaNoWriMo, I wish you godspeed and the best of luck.

I shan’t be participating because I have a PowerPoint presentation to prepare on Overhead Projector Safety.



    • Thank you, Nadine! There are so many times during the day when I want to say shan’t, but living in Texas, it would definitely make me a suspicious character in short order. 😀

      And PowerPoint is the greatest invention ever for doing something that looks a lot like work, but without doing a bit of work in the process.


  1. That makes two of us who shan’t be doing NaNoWriMo – I can hardly spell NanNoRWiMo, let alone do it. I am only writing this just for the chance to write SHAN’T, because I don’t think I have ever written that word in all my millions of unread words I have written….

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