A Few Friday Dregs

Friday Dregs 003

It’s no secret that Friday is my favorite day of the week, next to Saturday.

Friday is sort of the Christmas Eve of the week, with Saturday being, of course, Christmas.

That’s why, on Friday, I get as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve who is absolutely convinced that Santa will be bringing him a model train set the following morning.

The only real difference between Friday and Christmas Eve, is that I always have to go to work on Friday, and that’s where the metaphor kind of breaks down, much like the various train sets I’ve gotten for Christmas over the years that were purchased at the dollar store.  Santa is, from everything I have seen, very budget-conscious.  And he does not give out warranties.

But far be it from me to stretch this metaphor far beyond what is recommended by its tensile strength specifications.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I have already voided the warranty on it.  (Much like I voided the warranty on those train sets by opening up the boxes they came in.)

All of this is to say that it is finally Friday and we should all be very, very happy.   Here is a list of things I am happy about today.

  1. It is bagel day.
  2. It is bring-your-coffee-to-work day.
  3. It’s Friday
  4. It’s Casual
  5. It’s casual Friday
  6. There’s almost always extra donuts in the breakroom
  7. Other reasons


Now get out there and have a wonderful and blessed Friday!





red haired angel 001




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