Sunday Morning Musings With Biff

man drinking Coffee 02

Once again, Saturday has somehow evaporated into the ether like dew upon a rose petal when the sun hits it full force, leaving behind not a trace that it was even here.  We have no hard evidence that Saturday was even here.  We can only deduce that it was by the fact that it is Sunday.  Therfore, by pure logic, Saturday must have been here at some point.

So far, in spite of it not being Saturday, today has been a good day.

That is  true mostly because it has just started.  There has not been time yet for it to have become cluttered up with chores and errands and go-do’s and must-do’s and fine how-do-you-do’s.

No, it has been blissfully quiet and peaceful.  I have been able to sit here in my writing chair and sip my coffee and listen to a little peaceful music and to leisurely tap out this post that means nothing to anyone but me, thus relieving me of the pressure to make it perfect and get it posted.

Soon it will be time to get up and mow the yards and work on the laundry and clean up the cat’s latest Pollack-like artistic expressions out of the carpet.  There will be shopping that must be done to facilitate eating later in the week.  There will be phone calls that must be made.  Laundry that must be put away.

Somewhere in there I may be able to set aside 45 or 60 minutes to watch bits and pieces of a 3-hour long football game.

Who knows?  I might even be able to do some writing!   (This post doesn’t count, because it is not filling me with anxiety and distress.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Sunday, and that it is filled with leisure and blessings and joy.


  1. Nearly bedtime here and I can confirm that Saturday was missing – lost in torrential rain I think. But Sunday did exist – we visited friends for tea, played an intelligent board game and indulged in witty repartee – thus proving our brains also still exist.

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