Things That Make Me Happy – Achieving Singularity with World Order

In today’s episode of “Things That Make Me Happy”, we achieve Singularity.

But this is the good kind of singularity, not the kind where machines take over the world and decide they don’t need us anymore.

No, this Singularity is a music video that very much celebrates life.  In particular, the life of young urban professionals as they attempt to find soulmates (or perhaps just purpose and meaning) amid the rigid and sterile environments of corporate life.  (Music video is further down in post.)

The founder and main creative force of World Order, Genki Sudo, is a genius  in  simultaneously celebrating, and parodying urban life, particularly life in Japanese cities.  His parodies are always done with warmth and real affection for his subjects, and he instantly causes feelings of empathy and affection among his audience for the characters in his music videos.

Singularity 004

As I watch this video, I instantly recall the insecurities of youth at that surreal age of around 20 to 25, when we are cast out of everything we have found familiar and comfortable in our lives (our childhood homes, school, childhood cliques) and cast into an alien world of offices and strangers.   It is a world where our primary task is no longer to learn and to “find ourselves”, but to do and to conform.  And this is made all the more stressful and confusing by the pressures put upon us by society, and the urges put upon us by ourselves and our biology, to find a soulmate … or at least to find a group of friends that we can share our odyssey with.

Mr. Sudo and his brilliant ensemble of dancers and characters (both regulars and transitory) create a world I find myself wanting to live in.  Not a world of glass towers and bland office furniture, but a world where I have a group of close-knit friends with whom I can share laughs and inside jokes about the world we live in.

But there is no denying that the video is primarily about the “ritualistic dances” we perform to attract the opposite sex.   We perform our corporate dances for them while hoping simultaneously that they notice us, and that they don’t.

I think the look on this young woman’s face pretty much sums up a female’s reaction to males as they strut and preen and vie for the woman’s attention.

Singularity 001

And yet, we somehow manage to find our soulmates and friends and our new “spirit families” amid the glass and steel environment that does not encourage such things.

This video does truly make me smile and, in a few places, even laugh out loud.  It is a feel-good video and hopefully will make you feel good, too.  The choreography is utterly amazing, and the music is top-notch.

As with most Asian music videos that I like, I do not turn on closed-captioning.  I almost don’t want to know what they are singing about.  I just let the music and the dancing and the actors create my own interpretations inside my heart and my head.

World Order have a great number of music videos and I love them all.  I invite you to search them out and watch them.

So now, without further ado, here is the video “Singularity” by World Order.




And because it is Friday, here is a special bonus video by World Order that will also make you smile!  So have a nice day!





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