Whatnot Wednesday – Blogarithms

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Welcome to this installment of Whatnot Wednesday; the long-running series that has been published well over one times.

It’s origins stretch back into the mists of time … all the way back to last Wednesday.

We here at Biff Sock Pow know for a fact that it was last Wednesday, because we used carbon dating and now we all have black schmutz all over our fingers and have left black fingerprints all over the break room.

Why Not Whatnot?

Ask not what whatnot is not, nor not what knotty whatnot is not naughty or not.


Sorry … I just had to get that out of my system.  But seriously …

The purpose of Whatnot Wednesday is just to trot something out in this blogging rodeo so that people can stare at it, scratch their heads, and then shrug as if to say, “Well, I don’t rightly know what it is, but it shore is funny lookin’.”

I invite you all to create your own Whatnot Wednesday posts.  All I humbly ask in return is the following:

(a) Use the tag #WhatnotWednesday, and

(b) Provide a measly little link back to this post,

(3) Give me a modest little attribution as the creator of Whatnot Wednesday.

(IV) Have fun!

I really wanted money, but since my blog is unmonitizeable, I will be happy with mere a attribution.

Or a really cool looking bottle cap.




Anyway, this week I will be writing about blog math.  Or, blogarithms, if you prefer.

Blog math is unlike any other kind of math in the known universe.

I am an engineer.  I took all kinds of crazy math classes in college …  Geometry.  Algebra.  Trigonometry.  Calculus.  Transform functions.

And yet I am unable to figure out the calculus the reveals the interconnections between views, visitors, likes, and follows.

I have had views, but no visitors.  And vice versa.

Sometimes I will navigate to my own blog just to make sure something posted correctly.  For some reason, WP thinks that is worth about 17 views. If I click on my new post … and then go back to my front page, I will rack up about 25 views.  I can just click on a few things on my own blog and rack up a hundred views.

And yet, I never get those sorts of views when I don’t visit my own blog.  What gives?

I can only assume that people other than myself must click on about 30 things for it to count as a single visit by the inscrutable WP Metrics Department.

Or, does WP, for some reason, count self-views as like 20 times what it counts views from someone other than me?  Is it like some sort of narcissism tax?

It has made me afraid to look at my own blog for fear that I will get so many visits that I will inadvertently end up on the “Discover” page on WP.  And we certainly would not want that, would we?

Okay, I’m through complaining.  I’m going to go read my own blog now and see if I can get a thousand views by trying to find last week’s “Whatnot Wednesday” post.





  1. I can never understand WP. There’s that new feature now that insists on showing you your views for the day against the most views in one day you’ve EVER had. It’s so depressing. like WP is just rubbing it in your face–“Once you were popular, but not today.”

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