Meme Monday: Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep Video Gif 001.gif

Every time I watch the above scene in the opening credits of every Shaun the Sheep video, I just crack up.  It never grows old for me.

Poor Bitzer!  He tries so hard!  (Well, mostly.)

I identify so strongly with him.  Even though he just a working dog whose job it is to manage a bunch of mischievous sheep, he goes at it like it is an office job, complete with to-do lists, a cup of coffee, and completely out-of -touch management.

It inspired me to create the following meme:

Shaun the Sheep Meme 001

And if you haven’t watched any Shaun the Sheep videos, I highly encourage to to watch them here.


All of the above images and characters are copyrighted by Aardman Animations Ltd.


    • Every time I watch that scene, I identify so strongly with Bitzer (the dog). In fact, of all the characters in Shaun the Sheep, I identify the most strongly with Bitzer. He is the ultimate corporate stiff just doing his job every day and putting up with clueless management.


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