The Secret to Good Writing

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The secret to writing is putting words down on paper.

The secret to good writing is leaving some of them off.

The secret to being a good writer is knowing which ones.




    • Thanks, Sis! I’m trying to ease back into writing slowly so that I don’t pull a hamstring or something.

      And you’re right … it has been a very unusual summer here in Texas. It hasn’t been nearly as hot as it usually is.

      I hope your summer is going great! I’m hoping to be hanging around here on WP some more, so maybe we’ll run into each other more often. Hugs!

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      • Summer took some time to settle in up here, but it is catching back with heat wave after heat wave… I won’t complain, though, since winter will be back soon enough!

        Good luck with your hamstrings πŸ˜‰ Make sure you stretch well and all should go well! I am not worried at all that you’ll be back on the horse in no time. Or else, I’ll have to come over your blog, and do a little big bro’s butt kicking πŸ˜‰

        Wave anytime you are around The Cove, it always puts a big smile on my face πŸ™‚ *Big hugs back*

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        • I’ll trade you our summer for your winter!

          No, on second thought, I probably wouldn’t survive one of your typical winters. I would sure love to come experience your spring, summer, and autumn, though.

          And thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m trying to get back up on the blog-horse, but it’s difficult.



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