Plagued With Contentment and Afflicted With Serenity

0 - Man Asleep on Desk

I’m trying to claw my way back up into the light of posting regularly here on my humble little blog.  It’s not so easy to do when one has gotten out of the habit of writing regularly.

But here we are.

An ancient philosopher once said,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

However, that philosopher did not elucidate  on what to do if that first step involves getting up off of one’s comfy chair and turning off the YouTube videos for upwards of an hour or two.

No doubt the philosopher (who shall remain nameless) never had to deal with such hardships.

It’s quite easy to stop mucking out the stalls in Hell’s stables to go dash off a little something for an adoring audience.  And who among us, if we were being flayed and stretched in the deepest and dankest dungeons that the Spanish Inquisition had to offer, wouldn’t mind stepping away from the rack for a bit to go sit down at the keyboard and reel off some little bit of fluff for the blogosphere?  That would be child’s play.

But take that same person, plop him down in an extremely comfortable chair, give him a warm cup of coffee and a newly-opened package of McVitie’s Chocolate Hobnobs, plug him into YouTube, and see how difficult it is to get him to write anything.

I say,” he might say, “Would you mind terribly if I stepped away from this almost unfathomable luxury and enjoyment so that I can go stare at a small luminous screen for 2 hours and be overcome by an incredible feeling of anxiety, hopelessness, and despair?

And his Inquisitor might say, “Sure, go ahead.  This rack and this cat-o-nine-tails sure aren’t doing much in the way of crushing your spirit.  I’m willing to think outside the box.

And there you have a typical evening in the life of a would-be writer.


That is, he would be a writer if he could somehow find an effective way to suffer for his art.


Contentment and serenity are very bad things for a writer to be afflicted with.


  1. Peak Freans were our jam growing up, because mum. Now, my ‘bikky’ of choice, is Cadbury chocolate fingers. Damn you, man, for sending me down this forbidden avenue! (doc shook his head no, more whole grains)

    Even what we are passionate about needs to be stepped away from occasionally.

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    • I never had Peak Freans, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. I’ve also never had Cadbury chocolate fingers, but it sounds exactly like the sort of thing I would become hopelessly addicted to. Please stop giving me new addictions. I have enough already!

      And you are so right about having to step away from things, even if we love them. I just wish it was as easy to step back TO them afterwards. Inertia is a terrible thing.

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  2. I have a solution! Make that first step one toward that comfy chair. Take your laptop and write from there! Anything from McVities is absolutely compulsory…says the woman eating a McVitie’s Digestive Biscuit as she types.

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  3. “Contentment and serenity are very bad things for a writer to be afflicted with.”

    Can be.

    Depends what is occupying the writer while in the comfort zone.

    I think up some of my best wording from the comfort of a lawn tractor seat. The buzzing noise keeps out distractions, the greenery and lovely scents of nature provides a serene canvas, and seeing progress of a task gives a sense of satisfaction that allows me to think deeply. I pause, make quick notes about some of them, and then carry on. 🙂

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