Not Another Father’s Day Post

Or:  The Perils of Vacationing

Desk Black & White #2

WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other things that pass for communication nowadays, are chock full of Father’s Day sentiments.  After a while you start passing over these posts, eyes glazed over, looking for something decidedly not Father’s Day related.

Well, look no further, fellow FD-wearied readers!  Other than that opening paragraph, that’s all I’m going to say about the thing that I said I was not going to talk about any further.

But I had to mention it just enough for it to count as a clever marketing ploy.

You’ve probably noticed (or, more than likely, you have NOT noticed) that I have been absent for about a week from the hallowed hallways here at WP.  That is because I was away for a much-needed vacation.

I am a bad vacationer, because  I don’t know how to relax.

Furthermore, I get so filled with angst and stress and anxiety while preparing for a vacation, that a typical vacation is not long enough to recover from my Vacation Preparation Stress Disorder (VPSD).   It takes me a good 3 or 4 days for me to stop clinging to the metaphorical vacation chandelier and to ease back down to the floor whereupon I can finally take my first, deep, cleansing breath of vacation air.

At which time, it is time to return to work.


  1. Glad you were able to squeeze a vacation into your busy life. Though I’ve never had a vacation lasting more than a few days, I find the catching up process hard when I return, It’s almost not worth the time away. I have, however, recently taken two mini vacations. One, I’ve been posting about lately, was to British Columbia, and another, which I will be posting about soon, to Canada’s eastern provinces. I hope one day to retire, and take a full fledged holiday, where deadlines are not an issue!

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    • Thank you, Candice! It was a wonderful time.

      And I agree with you … having to get caught back up after some number of days off makes taking off hardly seem worth it.

      I’m still getting caught up on my blog-reading, but I can’t wait to read about your mini vacations! I would so love to visit Canada and spend some time there. Everything I’ve seen of Canada is absolutely beautiful.

      And good luck on retirement! I hope it goes exactly as you envision it.

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  2. That is why I always schedule at least two weeks for vacation. You don’t start to feel human until the first few days are over, and the work angst starts up a few days before you head back. If yo only have a week you never feel like you’ve had a vacation.

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  3. Biff, I need your help. I do not know how to vacation. I am finding that as I start to transition from full-time work to part-time business, I am working both FULL-TIME. And life has not taking a kind back-seat either. And then there are the chores that need doing. I think I am going to not think about my pending retirement as vacation. It will beLOL less stressful….LOL

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    • I wish I could help you, Eric, but I am hopeless when it comes to vacations. They stress me out horribly. And don’t even get me started about the stresses of work!

      As for retirement, many of the people I know who have retired say that they are far busier in retirement than they ever were when they worked. Many of them quip, “I don’t know how I ever found the time to have a job.”

      Good luck! I hope it works out great for you.


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