Biff’s World — May 7, 2019

Biff's World - 2019-05-07 #1 v2

I think CEOs of large companies like to think that they’re in tune with all of their employees and that everyone in the company likes them.  In reality, I think a lot of them are very out of touch with most of their employees.

In most cases, I don’t think their apparent obliviousness stems from malice or unconcern or snobbishness.  I think there are just too many people in the company for them to get to know personally.

Still, there are those that prefer not to rub elbows with the workers, thinking that they are above such things.

In Biff’s defense, he is one of the former.  He likes almost everyone, but he is just generally oblivious to a lot of non-business things that go on around him.





    • I’ve known heads of companies that I actually liked … but even those seemed to be slightly out of touch with what was going on in the trenches of the company. And maybe that’s for the best.

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  1. That 1 after the word “reality” was meant to be an explanation mark. (I just thought I’d clarify so that you wouldn’t think I was crazy — I am but I don’t want you to think that.)

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  2. That cartoon’s hilarious. And I grinned at your comment about obliviousness, too. I work in the middle of a world that would have been compared to Peyton Place in the old days, but for the most part I don’t have a clue — and would prefer not to have one, thank you very much.

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    • I’m the same way. I am completely oblivious to drama and politics and intrigue. I’m the guy who’s always shocked to hear of the aftermath of some sort of drama or another. I just don’t care about such things. Life is a lot more enjoyable without getting involved in them.

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