Hitting the Big-Time In Poland

Poland Surge


Apparently I am a minor celebrity in Poland.

Just look at all this traffic I got in Poland!   And that was all in just one day!

It could have been all in ten seconds for all I know.

But it felt good to be a minor celebrity for a moment.  It started with the email I got from WordPress telling me that my stats were booming.  It continued when I looked at my stats and saw 153 views.   I was feeling quite quite giddy.

But like all good things in life, it was short lived.

I realized it was probably just a hacker or a web crawler.

But for those 5 seconds when I thought my blog had finally caught fire, I was on top of the world!

Top of the World Ma 001
“Made it, Ma! Top of the world!”


And now … it’s time to get back to reality.


P.S.  Thank you to the person in North America that visited my blog today.

(Though there is a very good chance that it was me.)



  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been hit with a Bot, my spammers seem to be mindless humans. (Open reader, like everything.) But 153 would be an outrageous day. What the heck, it’d be a pretty good week.

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  2. I had a really odd set of visits from India, where every single post and page had a visit, and then repeated. It felt like very unnatural behaviour and was worried I’d been cloned. Not even friends and family bother to read it all. I think you should embrace your new Polish celebrity status. Maybe you could be the one to break North Korea! 😊

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  3. Me, I get a lot of views from India, which is pretty cool, and 2 the other day from American Samoa! It’s always awesome to realize that people all over the world are reading my weirdness😁

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    • At least your stats-boom had a happy ending. 🙂

      In my case, my real-life friends or family finding my blog would be a disaster. I would have to answer a million questions. And knowing they were then reading it from now on, it would severely inhibit my currently relatively uninhibited writing style.

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  4. Funny. Congrats! Do you have any idea in which topics your readers from Poland are interested in in particular?
    I discovered that my Indian community is in romantic love poems for instance.

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    • I’m the same way. I have become so distrustful of the internet that I always assume most of my traffic is just hackers and web-crawlers. But then I think to myself, “Why the hell would anyone be interesting in hacking into my little nothing blog?” There is literally nothing to be gained from it. And then the hackers themselves might start becoming distraught at how little traffic their newly “acquired” blog is getting.

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      • You and me both! I have become uber-paranoid in the past few years. This is partly due to reading too many dystopian literature and watching too many movies of the same ilk, and partly because I work in technology and I know just how riddled with holes it is and easily exploitable. It makes me long for the days when the highest-tech thing we owned as a 7-transistor radio.

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        • Sorry I just got excited and liked-bombed your guys’s (“your guys’s”? looks odd in writing) comments. I am so down with this. This post cracks me up. I was the same in the beginning. Also funny that the post I certainly spent the most time on was liked primarily by those blogs that try to sell blogging as a money-maker. And have you ever had it happen that you see likes but NOT views on a post? That’s always encouraging. Anyway, I’m too legit to quit. Kudos from France. :))

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          • Yes, I’ve always thought that was strange. How can someone like one of my posts without actually visiting it or reading it? Perhaps they’re reading it using ESP or telepathy or something. I’ll still take the “likes”, though!


            • It’s through the reader feed, where one can “like” without seeing or reading the entire post, and some do this to get views on their own work. Tthey’re usually the ones with tens of thousands of followers.) One of those who does it wrote a post about it once. I was kind of like, aaah. I see. Dang. But I’ll have to admit it was encouraging in the beginning. ;))

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  5. Maybe you should visit there one day, you might just make national news! I have a lot of views from India and Brazil. I am pretty sure it’s hackers because my piddly little blog is very well ignored by most.

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    • I would love to visit Poland! I recently saw an episode of some travel show that was over there and it looks beautiful. Though I’m sure they were just going into the nice bits, like they do anywhere. Still, it looked really lovely.

      And, yes, I’m like you. I always assume most views from around the world are really just hackers looking for something to practice their hacking skills on.

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  6. A view from a real English woman today. I don’t understand stats but I do like seeing the pretty colours on the map. I am looking forward to the day when I get a view from North Korea.

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    • I’m with you! I love looking at the map and seeing views from places all over the world, even if it was just a lone view from Iceland or somewhere. It’s still exciting.

      And yes, it will be a glorious day when North Korea joins the rest of the world and we can look forward to random views from there.

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  7. Congrats! Couldn’t it just be some very legit word of mouth spreading throughout Poland? I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate Polish sausage into my comment, but I can’t. Anyhow I love the that email that gets sent to us and I always picture someone at WordPress thinking, “Look! Finally some movement on that weird blog. Let’s use the word “booming” so she’ll think fireworks are being launched. That way when it goes back to its normal silence, she’ll have even more of a letdown.”

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    • Ha ha! You are so right! It’s almost as if WP is teasing us. They’re like, “See? This is what it would be like if your blog was really popular.”

      And then after 2 minutes of booming stats (and the celebratory email), it drops back down to zero for another month.

      And now, thanks to you, I am craving Polish sausage. I wonder if they have that at Sonic?


  8. If you were logged into your WordPress account, it wasn’t you. And don’t forget – stats are misleading. Subscribers don’t count as views, which is why some days I have more likes than page views. .

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    • Thanks, Lorne! That’s good to know. I’ve never really understood the “views” vs. “visits” thing. Plus I’m too lazy to look it up … and the numbers are usually so low that it wasn’t worth looking up.


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