Some Friday Dregs

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Welcome to Friday!

Just lay your stuff there on the little table in the entry way so you don’t forget it when you leave.

Make yourself at home in my humble little Friday.  As they say in Mexico:  “Mi Viernes es tu Viernes.

Can I get you anything?  Some iced tea, maybe?  I think there may be some pound cake left over from last week’s kaffeeklatsch.  And you know what they say in Germany:  “Mein Kaffeekuchen ist dein Kaffeekuchen”.

Have a seat!  Sorry about the slip covers.  The cat has a weak stomach.  And you know what the Italians say:  “Il mio gatto vomito è il tuo gatto vomito.”

So tell me all about your week.  I really want to hear all about it.

But before you do, let me tell you about MY week.

Oh, and here’s a coaster for your drink.  You know how these marble table tops stain so.  It’s like they say in Germany, “Meine Couchtischringe sind Ihre Couchtischringe“.  But only because they have a word for everything.

So anyway, as I was saying, you won’t believe the week I had!  On Tuesday I found out that my monster spreadsheet had a circular reference in one of the equations and … long story short … well, I’m sure the Dow will probably recover quickly on its own.  The stock market is amazingly resilient.

Luckily, I had just moved all of my 401K funds into government securities last week.  Completely unrelated.  Something I read on a fortune cookie at lunch last Thursday.

Man! Those fortune cookies can be amazingly prescient.  I mean, I know that’s their whole shtick, but the one I got last Tuesday said, “當附近有一棵橡樹時,不要在柳枝下面避難”, and I was like “Whoa!  Dude!”

Long story short, I put all my 401K into T-Bills.  But don’t you worry.  The Dow will recover.  I fixed that circular reference in my spreadsheet.  It sucks you had all your funds in high risk international funds.

More iced tea?

Oh, did I not give you a coaster?  That is a nasty ring.  Ah well, it’s just marble.  Italian.  And as the Italians say, “Se metti un altro anello di sudore sul mio tavolo di marmo, chiederò a Guido di spezzarti le ginocchia“.

Ha ha!  Those wacky Italians.

Seriously, use the coaster.  This isn’t Gomorrah.

Where were we?  Oh yes!  You were going to tell me all about your week.

Oh, goodness!  Is that the time?  I really must get busy.  Don’t forget to get your stuff off of the table in the entry way on your way out.

Great visit!  You must come back again soon, preferably when it’s less humid.




    • Hi, Ortensia! I didn’t even know Gomorrah was a TV show until I read your comment. I had to Google it.

      And I can sympathize. I don’t really watch TV and so when people at work start talking about some hit show, all I can do is smile and keep my mouth shut. I usually have no idea what they’re talking about.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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    • I’ve never heard of it either, but now I don’t feel so bad if you don’t watch it, Ortensia, and Biff has also never heard of it. I’m in the same boat when people talk about something that’s popular on TV. I am typically years behind and only test things out on Netflix since we don’t have cable and don’t get “real” channels.

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      • I heard of that from a Swedish friend of mine….and that says it all.I like a bit of tv in the evening but don’t commit on big series and don’t have Netflix and that I suppose qualify me as an outcaster😂but you know what …I don’t loose my sleep over it💁🏻‍♀️thanks for reassuring me.have a great day💗😀

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        • Nope … I wouldn’t lose a second’s sleep over it. As for me, my attention span has gotten so short that it’s all I can do to watch a 3-minute YouTube video. Forget about a 9-season long marathon!

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  1. Don’t call Guido! I brought my own coaster.

    My week has been incredibly busy but all of it in a good way. I can’t knock it when having a lot of editing work provides the busyness. I do have to concentrate on getting my butt out of the chair, though, since I tend to get pretty caught up in the fictional worlds I’m working in.

    I’m wary of fortune cookies. They always give me the impression that someone has been spying on me.

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    • I called Guido and told him that he could take the weekend off since you brought you own coaster. I wish more guests were as thoughtful as you!

      I’m glad to hear that your business is booming. I know what you mean about having to get up and walk around sometimes. My job’s not nearly as interesting as yours, but sometimes I’ll look up and realize 3 or 4 hours have gone by without me hardly moving. I’m surprised I don’t become aware of people checking my pulse or holding a mirror up to my nose.

      And I’m right there with you about fortune cookies. Some of them are just downright creepy.

      I hope you had a great weekend!

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